Understanding The Best Conditions For Seedlings

Your cannabis seedlings require the best conditions to give you the best harvest. This article will cover about the optimum temperatures, light exposure, the equipment and air conditions and you are sure to get the best possible results.

The best conditions for cannabis seedlings are sunny and warm (21-23°C) and some humid environment with moving air. You must obtain the propagators, which are plastic trays with transparent top to hold the humidity in place, keep the plant warm and allow the seedlings to receive light. With the help of these propagators, you can maintain a good environment for your young seedlings. Nevertheless, the cover prevents the normal air movement and so the plant should not be kept covered for too long, it will impeded its growth.

When your young plants produce their second or third pair of serrated leaves, or if they have already grown more than 7cm with the very first pair, the cover of the propagator should be removed. You can easily bring in a small oscillating fan on the lowest setting, which is a very good way to maintain the air circulation when they reach their right size.

There are many types of propagators are available and the simplest form of the same would be a waterproof box with clear plastic sheeting over the top. You must look for shop-bought propagators because they will often have built-in heating or vents in the cover to allow temperature along with humidity regulation. They also usually allow more light to reach out to the seedlings.

If you are planning to grow your seedlings outside, the covered propagators should be placed next to the window where the seedling will get enough light and air. You will automatically see the seedlings growing and there will be time when you will understand yourself to remove the cover of the propagator. This is the time when the process of acclimatization of the seedling with the actual outside environment can begin.

You must understand everything about a cannabis seedling because you do not want to risk its life. Read more before you start growing your plant. If you are growing your seeds for the first time, you must take help from your friends who are experienced growers. Your seedlings needs the love and care that they deserve, you give them that you will see them flourish effusing the best fragrances for you.

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