How the construction lawyers Essential to Legal Issues

The construction lawyer is a technically trained lawyer. He is therefore supposed to have sufficient mastery of the “technical” aspect of construction in the building sector, as would a professional in this sector. It is simply a technical training organized by organizations after the acquisition of a law degree.

Role of the construction lawyer

The role of the construction lawyers intrinsically consists in assisting a construction company manager who has committed a minor error (moreover committed by workers, site supervisors or site managers, etc.) and who is prosecuted in civil liability and even in criminal matters.

How to choose a construction lawyer

Using a construction lawyer is the choice of handling your case with expertise and a pragmatic analysis of the situation. Several specialist firms now offer to intervene in cases where clients are faced with difficult situations, for which the financial stake is important. The lawyers concerned often engage diligently in cases related to construction, in order to support building companies or individuals facing problems of poor workmanship.

Study the nature of a dispute

If the lawyer can plead and has for mission to advise the client on all that relates to the legal field, outside even any litigation, intervenes if necessary alongside or in partnership with other legal professionals (notary, attorney, bailiff) or figure (chartered accountant), advises his clients and, in the event of a lawsuit, defends them, the real estate attorney, he is the specialist in construction law disputes. These problems have continued to increase due to disputes over the prices of services or the quality of these. Whether you are a construction professional or an individual, the lawyer can accompany you to give you the keys to the situation.

His competences

He will therefore be able to solve the problems associated with disorders on a site and which can lead to significant financial consequences. He will also take care of recommending the possibilities for obtaining compensation for damage. Knowledge of the construction world and the operational monitoring of major projects allow the construction lawyer to have solid knowledge of complex situations and complaints mechanisms regularly invoked by companies, during or at the end of the work. Like his colleagues, he will be responsible for drafting contracts and deeds and will not fail to negotiate and transact when necessary.

Legal expertise: a winning combination of expert-lawyer

It is necessary here to explain the specific nature of the litigation procedure in construction matters. With some exceptions when the question is obvious, the litigation procedure, whether it concerns a private or public construction contract, begins (after everything has been done to avoid it; on this subject see the negotiation techniques in order to ‘avoid lengthy procedures) by an expert summary procedure the object of  which, as its name suggests, is the appointment by the court of an expert who will collect all the contractual documents and “market” documents, go to the premises and, after the parties have made their observations in expert opinions, draft a report which will be submitted to the court and on which the latter will base itself for technical and costing questions.

The lawyer who for twenty years has participated in such expertise can alone call himself a “building lawyer construction” because for twenty years the proposals and objections that he has formulated during these legal real estate appraisals are certainly legal, but above all technical.