Top Five Benefits of Buying Your Weed Seeds Online


The legalization of cannabis in most states and counties have led to an increase in the demand for this product. As a result, many weed dealers have cropped up wherever you go. Today, many people prefer buying their weed seeds from online stores because of the immense benefits they offer. Read on to know the benefits of buying your seeds from online sources. 

No traffic 

Some people can just walk to a local dispensary for their marijuana seeds, however, not everyone is so fortunate. Going to physical stores may necessitate about half-an-hour drive for most potheads. Driving during the rush hours means that you will have to withstand hours of traffic to get to the nearest dispensary. When you buy marijuana seeds online, you do not have to deal with traffic or finding a parking spot when buying marijuana seeds. You can access seed banks with just a few clicks on your computer whether at home or in the office. You can also buy seeds using your phone if you have a good internet connection.

Wide Selection

Physical seed banks have less selection of cannabis seeds owing to limited storage area. Land-based dispensaries can only have seeds that their storage room and storefront can accommodate. Online dispensaries use warehouses and they have no limitations when it comes to storage space. With their sizeable space, online shops can sell a wide range of cannabis seeds for different strains. You can always browse their large catalog to find the specific strain that you are looking for, 

Access to Rare Seeds 

Because of their large selection of pot seeds for sale in online dispensaries, you have a higher chance of getting rare strains. You can easily find the celebrated Chemdawg 91 hybrid that is renowned for its implausible potency. You can also get the NYC Diesel, which is a multi-Cannabis Cup awardee that produces a strong cerebral high and a potent sedative effect.  If an online dispensary does not have the cannabis seeds that you want, you can always open up another site instead of driving or walking to another store. 

24/7 Availability 

Most breeders go to dispensaries during rush hours because that is the time they are available. Other potheads can only go during holidays or when they have time off work. With online dispensers, you can buy your cannabis seeds at any time because these shops are open 24 hours every day. You can buy marijuana seeds online using your phone while at a public space or on a bus. 

Unmatched Customer Support 

Most bud tenders in physical dispensary stores are willing to assist clients with their seed purchase.  However, some people may have a difficult time asking questions or even talking to people, particularly those who are new to the marijuana industry. The customer support lines in online stores gives customers a degree of anonymity. If you prefer anonymity, you can always use a different name or use a secondary email account. This way, people can ask any questions they have regarding marijuana seeds without any fear of criticism. 

With online dispensaries, you will have an easy time buying your cannabis seeds any time of day or night. You do not have to wrestle with traffic or fight over parking spots to purchase your seeds. In addition, you have access to a wide range of strains and this means that you have a better chance of finding rare or most preferred pot seeds for sale through these dispensary websites.