How To Achieve A Minimalist Home Interior Design in Singapore

Modern, Scandinavian, contemporary, traditional, and industrial are only a few popular home interior designs in Singapore. Many people dream of having homes that have one of these interior designs. It takes a lot of elements to achieve the aesthetic of a lavish interior design, from the luxury furniture in Singapore to the complementing colour palettes.

But due to the lifestyle changes of many and current trends today, minimalist interior design is gaining popularity for the past years. The lavish interior design and luxury furniture in Singapore have been replaced with more open spaces and ergonomic fittings, such as the modular sofa in Singapore. Continue reading this article to learn more about minimalist home interior design.

An Introduction to Minimalist Interior Design

Less is more. Perhaps, this line is the dogma of minimalism. It is one of the main principles of minimalism. Before, the definition of wealth was based on the things you have and own. The more things you own, the richer you are.

But this thinking drastically changed as society progressed. Many people realised that invaluable possessions are merely clutter and responsibility that costs us more the longer we keep them. Thus, giving birth to “less is more.”

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is an idea, concept or style that uses very few things, elements, and tools to utilise a maximum effect and function.

Minimalism is believed to be seen first in the arts. Minimalist arts emerged in the 1950s and were heard in music in the 1960s. Minimalism as a concept flourished from the 1970s to the 20th century.

Minimalism as a Lifestyle

Today, minimalism has also become a way of life. Minimalist lifestyle strives to live a simple day to day living. Simple means using and keeping things that you absolutely need and add value to your life. Possessions somehow put a physical burden on people psychologically. It is one of the reasons why decluttering is a fundamental part of a minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalist Interior Design

Similar to a minimalist lifestyle, minimalist interior design highlights the simplicity of the interior.

The concept of minimalist interior design shies away from luxury furniture in Singapore. It values clean lines, open spaces, monochromatic or softer colour palettes, and toned down decors.

Fewer items and dull spaces do not always translate to uninviting and less joyous spaces. With the right balance of elements of a minimalist interior design, such as form-focused furniture like an ergonomic writing desk in Singapore and complementing rich and warm colour, your home can be a place of peace, serenity, and refuge.

That said: is it really possible for everyone to pull off a minimalist interior design in Singapore? The answer is yes. But it does take an effort, mind shift, and lifestyle change to fully adopt and maintain a minimalist interior design in Singapore. You can start by applying the elements of minimalism to your home.


The Elements of A Minimalist Interior Design in Singapore

In a minimalist interior design, some elements need to be highlighted and utilised to achieve a clean yet inviting space for everyone. Knowing how to work with these elements and balance them is the first key to minimalism.


Minimalist interior design works with the architecture and structure of the house, from the decors to the use of space.

Minimalists aim to show off the architectural details of the space instead of concealing it with luxury furniture in Singapore.

Clean lines, flat surfaces, less patterned surfaces and furnishings, and the lack of visual barriers such as enormous decors and interior walls give a sleek look to the space.

The beauty of the space bareness is highlighted by condensing the area of items, decor, and other clutter– thus, foregrounding simplicity.

On top of that, the bareness of space also creates a focal point in the space. The focal point could be the picturesque outdoor view or artwork.

Keeping the decor simple by opting for a coffee table in Singapore and an indoor plant help highlight the architecture work and the focal point of the area.

Functional Furniture

Functional and ergonomic furniture is one of the foundations of a minimalist interior.

Because this interior design capitalises on bareness, it is important to have furniture that can serve multiple functions at the same time, sleek in the eyes.

Amodular sofa in Singapore, ergonomic office desks, and decorative light fixtures can help enhance the aesthetic look of the space apart from serving its prime functions. Humongous mahogany wardrobes and other heirlooms have no space for the minimalist interior design.

Shades, Texture, Textiles, and Light

Although minimalist interior designs lean on the monochromatic and muted colour palette, it does not mean that the space cannot have a warm and inviting atmosphere. Minimalists can play with shades and textures, textiles and light.

Incorporating a sleek combination of colour palette shades and textures gives a flavour to the space. Wood accents from furniture, such as the sideboard in Singapore, contribute to the overall aesthetic appearance of the room.

Textiles such as rugs, drapes, and beddings can also add a sense of comfort and dimension to the space without ruining the clean look.

Lastly, natural light gives an illusion of more open space inside the home. Light also makes colours pop. So, if you have a painting as your focal point, natural light can highlight it.


Accent elements prevent your space from being visually “barren”. A decor, a work of art such as painting and sculptures, gives an accent to the room. The contrasting colours of the paintings and portraits or the wood accent of thecoffee table in Singapore provide dimension to the monochromatic and muted themed minimalist interior design.

These accent elements draw the attention and focus of the visitors.


“Your home is living space, not storage space.”– Francine Jay, a minimalist and an author.

With people scrambling to have more and more, it is a feat to find joy in less. If you are not sure where and how to start a minimalist lifestyle and interior design, decluttering is the first step to go.

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