How to buy used cars in UAE

Are you willing to buy a used car? When in UAE there are actually endless options for the buyers of cars and one can also end up in having a great deal.

There are a lot of people who intend to buy used cars online in UAE for their personal use or else they can also buy them from private individuals. There are endless car dealers (both big and small when it comes to UAE).

But when one is buying a used car then they needs to have a clear picture in mind that what exactly they are looking for? One has to be clear about 2 basic things; one is what exactly is their maximum budget (this must include the ownership transfer fees, cost of insurance and the initial maintenance charges like tyres, battery and fuel changes) and the other ones is what type of a car they are looking for like a regular sedan or a luxury car or a sports car.

When these two basic things are sorted in mind then one can get a very clear idea about what kind of cars they want and what they can afford. Then according to that one may choose among the brand and models of the cars which they wish to own. They can go to online sites and check all the details about a particular car as well to get more information. These are the forums that are very much helpful as they have every positive and negative feedback of the users of that particular model of the car.

When the car model is also decided one can either choose to buy that car from a car dealership or from any private individual as well. According to many buyers opinion it becomes a bit cheaper when one buys it from a private individual than that of a dealer.

One must know that most of the new cars in UAE come with a 5 years warranty and they are offered by the manufacturer and not the seller.  So, suppose if one is looking for a 3 year old car and if they are intending it to buy from a car dealer then they may offer it with the remaining manufacturer warranty. If one is buying from the dealer, then also they might offer the same warranty but with a lower price as compared to the dealers. One just has to negotiate the price with the owner and then check whether the car warranty is valid and also transferable.

But when one is going to buy used cars in UAE and they are much older than 5 years then it is always a great idea to go for the private dealers. One can also check the inventory online and also one can negotiate the price with the private sellers as well. Once the car deal is finalized one must check the condition of the car like how they are working, how well their engine is and how their street running condition is.