The History of Wedding Rings

The history of the wedding celebration ring is almost 6000 years old and goes back to Egypt when people wore braid hemp or reed, and they used to exchange rings at their wedding. How we come to know about this? Archaeologists found both the relics and papyrus scrolls depicting this practice. The round form of the ring was symbolic. Considering that a circle has no beginning or finish it was suggested to stand for the timeless love and commitment of the couple. This symbolism still is true today. The custom of putting the rings on a person’s fourth finger of their left hand, this was in practice even at this time around. The old Egyptians used to believe that this finger confined a unique capillary that was attached straight to the heart, which in Latin, came to be called as the “Vena amoris” or love vein.

Hemp and Reed Rings Were Not Long-Lasting

Given that reed, as well as hemp bands really did not last long, couples started exchanging rings with each other from more and more expensive materials, even including with leather, then bone or cream color, and moving right into metals. The technique of a wedding event ring infected ancient Rome and Greece, as well as ultimately across Europe at the time when Christianity was spreading across Europe. In the ancient time of Rome, rings were made with iron to signify strength and permanence. Over the course of background steel rings have taken on several shapes, as well as arrangements that even included the gimmel ring with interlacing bands, which were prominent in the 16th and 17th centuries, the posy ring consisting of an engraving on the within and frequently worn in the 15th century, as well as the fede ring depicting two hands clasping crazy or contract which is where the contemporary Irish Claddagh ring originates from.

The Romans also customized their wedding celebration rings by makings photos of the couples themselves into the steel. This spread across Europe, and as Christianity took a solid hold, the couple was often illustrated a cross or picture of Jesus between them as a sign of Jesus blessing their marriage.

Diamond Rings: Their First Appearance

The initial well-known diamond ring was from Rome from as far back as the late 100s AD, where a diamond ring was found, though the diamond was uncut. Diamonds were thought about valuable in those times for their toughness; however, because there were no tools to cut the rock and disclose the shimmer, it was possibly not-so-impressive looking ring. The very first documented wedding ring of diamond remained in 1475. It was for the wedding celebration of Camilla D’Aragona and Costanzo Sforza in Italy. Their wedding event inscription said, “Two wills, two hearts, two passions are bonded in one marriage by a diamond.”

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