How to Choose a Coding Workshop for Kids?

No matter who we are, we only want one thing when we become a parent. We want to give the best for our children. That is the main reason why we work hard so we could provide them with an excellent education. We all know that the knowledge they gained from their studies could become their treasure in the future. Something that no one would not be able to take away from them even after years has passed.

That is why we take things seriously when it comes to their education. We want to make the right choice so they could have a better future than their peers. After all, the lessons they will learn is something they could use in life and their career.

Though what life skills do children need to learn today that could help them in the future? The answer is technology. Now, look around you. We already live in a digital world where we mostly rely on computers to make our lives more convenient. Just imagine how advanced things would become ten to twenty years from now. By then, their world is far more advanced than ours. That is why teaching children how to code would help them a lot in the future.

With that in mind, would you still hesitate not to let your child join acoding workshop for kids? If you change your mind, then sign them up now. Use this article as your guide. It will help you find the perfect coding tuition for children in Singapore!


What Should Parents Do When Choosing the Right Coding Workshop for Kids?

If you believe that your child would benefit from learning how to code, then you should make sure to choose the best coding workshop for them. It may not be easy at first since there are many coding tuitions out there, but it would be a good idea not to choose what is only available near you. Learn how to compare so you could determine which coding workshop for kids suits your child best.

Here are the pointers you need to do when choosing a coding workshop for them.

7-Things-Parents-Should-Do-When-Choosing-a-Coding-Workshop-for-KidsDO YOUR RESEARCH

When searching for the best coding workshop for kids, you have to do your research. By doing this, you would have a clue about what you can expect from them and if you could trust them teaching your child how to code.

Apart from using Google to search for recommended coding workshops for children in Singapore, you could also count your family and friends. They might know which coding tuition you should let your child join.

In case they have no idea, that is when you should check Facebook groups. Some parents are members there so they could find the best of what they are looking for. Just post your inquiry and let the members of that group answer your question.


Once you have a list of coding tuitions, it is time to reach out to them. You could either go to their website or Facebook page and leave them a message. You may send them the list of questions written below the article and add some of the things you want to know more about them.

Reaching out to them will help you get all the in-depth information you need. For example, you want to learn more about the coding holiday program. You will know the answer once the coding workshop for kids replies to your inquiry.


But before reaching out to any of the coding tuitions, you have to be ready. Apart from the fact that they will ask you, you will also be questioning them. That is why you have to create a list of questions. Your inquiries could be the things you are curious to know about the coding workshop. If you cannot come up with anything, ask your child if they want something to ask.

Take note that interviewing your potential coding workshop for kids helps you make a better decision whether you should register your child there or not.


Just knowing who will be teaching your child how to code gives you peace of mind. It eases your anxiety that your child will be in good hands. Also, you know for sure they would learn something from them.

Therefore, before letting your child join in a coding workshop for kids, ask them first who is the teacher of the coding class itself. Let them know that you want to talk with them in person first.


Even though we want the best of the best for our child, our budget is limited. You cannot push yourself to enrol your child in somewhere expensive that you could barely afford. That is why you should know first how much their coding lesson would cost before enrolling your little one.


The number of students in a coding course can also affect the learning of your child. Make sure the coding tuition divides the class with the smallest number of students. As such, teachers could teach each student as equally as possible.


Naturally, we do not want our child to get tired just because he went and attended his coding class. That is why you should choose a coding workshop for kids that is quite near your home.

If you cannot find one, make sure the coding tuition is only a bus ride away from your home. That distance is enough for your child not to get tired of going back and forth in his coding class.

While doing all of these, make sure you take your time. That would help to find the perfect coding tuition for children in Singapore. Plus, in the long run, your hard work would pay off once your child learns how to code.


What Are the Mistakes Parents Should Avoid When Choosing a Coding Workshop for Kids?

Choosing a coding workshop for kids can be stressful. Most often than not, assuring that you make the right choice can often feel like a daunting task. To help out with the search process of a coding workshop for kids, here are some common mistakes to avoid along the way.

3-Mistakes-Parents-Should-Avoid-When-Choosing-a-Coding-Workshop-for-KidsMAKING DECISION ON IMPULSE

Though your child needs to learn how to code, it is necessary to do your due diligence to find the best coding tuition. Otherwise, you might enrol your child in the wrong one.

To help you find the best one, make sure you ask the right questions and listen to your potential coding workshop for kids. Also, keep in mind to take your time so nothing would go wrong in the searching process.


Choosing a coding workshop for kids is never an easy process. It is all about finding the best expert for the job in the shortest time possible. Also, the cost of their lesson should be within the budget. However, most parents worry about the amount they need to pay. Yet, little did they know that the cheaper the tuition fee rate is, the teaching level might be lower, too.


Try not to let this happen since it would only cause you problems with the coding workshop for kids. Both of you might say something later that was not part of what you initially agreed.

Therefore, let them know that you want to have a hard and soft copy of the things you have discussed.  Do read the contract carefully and make sure nothing is missing or added before signing it.

Take the search process of a coding workshop for kids seriously.  Do what you think is best for your child and consider more than twice before making a decision. If you indeed want to find the perfect one for your child, better avoid the mistakes mentioned above when choosing a coding workshop for kids.


What Are the Interview Questions for Parents to Ask a Potential Coding Workshop for Kids?

There are many coding workshops for children in Singapore, so finding the right one for your child can be a hard thing to do. Before signing them up, take the chance to speak with your potential coding workshop for kids. Your discussion with them will give you a clue about how they will teach children how to code. It will also help you determine if you could place your trust in them.

Here are the five questions you should ask a potential coding workshop for your child.



Compared to school, coding tuitions have more freedom when it comes to developing a curriculum. Some coding workshops for children in Singapore offer HTML, JAVA, and CSS for immediate learners, while others only focus on one programming language at a time.

That is why before you enrol your child in one, you should verify if their lessons are better than the rest of your candidate.


As mentioned above, not all coding tuitions are the same. Some participate in a coding competition in Singapore, while others only focus on teaching their students.

If you want your child to become more competitive and master how to code, enrol them in a coding workshop that encourages them to join in competitions.


No matter what life skills your child is learning, safety is always the priority for parents. Since you will be entrusting your child to this coding workshop for kids, they should be safe at all times. As a parent, you should feel comfortable asking about their safety policies and protocols.

For example, how many CCTV cameras do they have around the campus? Or do children need to wear a face mask even inside the classroom?


While it can be uncomfortable to ask this question, you have to know the answer. Since your child will learn how to code there, they will be interacting with other kids their age.

For sure, some of those kids might not have the same wavelength as your child.  As such, they might have a little quarrel with them. That is why you should know how the teachers would handle those situations if it happens.


While most beginners do not get much homework, some teachers ask their students to do something, even on weekends.

If your child is attending that coding workshop for kids, ask the teacher in charge of his class if you could do anything to help your child with his homework. Perhaps, they have some tips on how you will help your child learn how to code, even at home.

With the answer to these five questions, you will become more prepared and decisive to choose the best coding workshop for kids. Guarantee to ask these and do not let your child join the wrong coding tuition. Feel free to write the questions down or bookmark this article, so you would not forget what you should ask them later on.

A Final Word of Advice

Before choosing a coding workshop for kids, make sure your child is ready. Otherwise, it would be hard for them to learn how to code no matter how good the coding tuition for kids in Singapore is.

Keep in mind that your child’s enthusiasm would arouse their curiosity to explore and learn newer things. Try not to take that away from them and be selfish to choose the future they want to become. That is why ask your child first if they have any interest in learning how to code. If they do, that is the time you should sign them up in the coding workshop for kids of your choice.

To find the perfect coding workshop for kids, use this article as your guide. You could start now by going to Roboto Coding Academy. See if they have the qualifications to teach your child how to code! Reach out to them by visiting their website.