LARP weapons: what you need to know? Which one is better?

To get started, let’s try to understand what’s different about LARP weapons? A LARP weapon is made up of the following materials –

  • A fiberglass core, whose thickness varies between 6mm and 15mm in diameter that runs almost the entire length of the weapon except the ends for safety,
  • Closed cell foam, around the shaft which is what provides the weapon’s shape. The blade, guard and hilt are usually three separate pieces.
  • Protective layer and finish, usually latex and paint.

To simplify things a bit, it can be said that there are two types of weapons for combat scenes. The main difference between both ranges is the weight – light weight (120gr and 240gr), and heavy weight (320 to 450gr). In this article we will address all the differences between the different brands.

What is the LARP?

Live role-playing or LARP is a form of traditional role-playing games. In this activity, the characters are played in real time, as if they were actors. To practice the LARP, ​​costumes, weapons and armor are used specifically to practice fighting in these games. The live role players act, fight, speak and generally put themselves in the shoes of their character as if it were an improvised play. Unlike the traditional role, in the LARP everything is represented by physical actions. You can also find a multitude of events and festivals related to medieval themes on Face book and the Internet. Although they are not LARP games, there are many people who take the opportunity to show off their LARP weapons and armor role-playing live.

Is there one range better than another?

The answer to this question is in principle NO. But there are attributes that are better than others, depending on what events and what situations. But first of all, let’s differentiate between ranges and brands.

Characteristics of the Light range – They tend to be slightly thicker, which also moderates the force of the blow. They are coated with latex after painting. Nowadays there are LARP weapons manufacturers, who are combining closed core foam with Polyurethane in the guard and grip.

Features of the heavy range – They are manufactured using a foam injected mold process. The foam is denser, sometimes obtaining the well-known rubber effect, but it is not rubber. They do not usually have latex in the lining. And the weight is greater, precisely due to the higher density in its construction.

How to practice role playing live?

The first and foremost rule, especially in medieval live roles, is to practice LARP safely. For this, it is essential to use specialized LARP weaponry, which is prepared to impact without causing any damage. For the rest, it requires a good dose of attitude and enthusiasm. It doesn’t matter what kind of role you’d like to play, because you can choose any one.

In LARP online stores you can find products for all types of roles – latex weapons, leather and metal armor, accessories for LARP and live role decoration. All the products are tried and tested to be used intensively and safely in any type of event.