It’s hard to imagine a wedding without gifts — whether it’s wedding keepsake gifts for attendees, courtesy gifts to parents, or, more importantly, presents for the couple themselves. More than being a part of the wedding tradition, these gifts are wonderful expressions of love, gratitude, and well-wishes.

But how do you choose a memorable present for your favorite couple? We run down seven must-know tips.

Understand the couple’s personalities – What are the interests of the couple? If they are the sentimental type and they both like keeping mementos, why not give them wedding keepsake gifts like a wooden keepsake box? If they are that practical couple in your circle, handing them a clock can already mean a lot to them. The key is to choose something that resonates with their personalities.

Consider what the couple wants – Choosing a wedding gift is daunting. This is why the gift registry exists. This list conveniently and comprehensively itemizes the things that the couple wants to receive. Another great detail included in the registry is the address where you’re supposed to deliver your gift.

Take your budget into account – No rule says you should give this or that amount of gift. Ultimately, it depends on your relationship with the couple (or the bride or groom) — and, of course, how much budget you have (attending a wedding has other expenses too, like pampering or transportation costs). Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of spending too much money because what you’re about to attend is a very important occasion. Instead, try to stick to your budget and find items that fit within it.

Choose a group gift – If you really don’t have the financial capacity to splurge on a wedding gift but you want to give something significant to your favorite couple, you can go in on a group gift. Gather your siblings, cousins, friends, or colleagues and choose a high-end gift off the registry. The thought that you put in a concerted effort just to buy that present won’t surely go unappreciated.

Personalize your present – Whether your gift is a practical one or decorative (or both), customizing it can make it all the more special. Thankfully, there are online shops that let you personalize your order with the couple’s names and wedding date. But apart from doing that kind of customization, you can further add a personal touch by adding a card with a handwritten note for the couple.

Choose a reliable shop – When choosing a wedding gift, you also have to be careful where you’ll buy it. You should look for reviews about the quality of their products and of their delivery service. Make sure that they package and ship their products well and promptly.

Know that timing matters – Selecting memorable wedding keepsake gifts is one thing. Having that delivered on time is another concern. Typically, you send a gift before or after the wedding to the address mentioned on the registry (unless it’s a tradition of the couple’s culture/family to bring the gift on the wedding day itself). Traditionally, it’s still acceptable to send your gift within a year after the couple’s wedding. The best guarantee that the couple already received your gift is by getting a thank-you note from them.