How to cope with psoriasis

Scaling scalp can lower your self-esteem and make you feel uncomfortable, however, you can learn to manage your condition by consulting Glen Allen scaling scalps experts near you. The aim is to find treatments that slow the skin cell turnover that leads to psoriasis. Read on strategic methods of managing psoriasis

At-Home Treatments That Control Psoriasis

  • Aloe cream is found in the Aloe Vera plant leaves, and when applied on scaling skin, it reduces redness, scaling, inflammation, and itching. However, you will not get the desired soothing results immediately as you will need to use the extracts several times a day for some months to heal a scaling scalp.
  • Oral fish oil improves your general health and reduces a scaling scalp, moreover, you can apply the oil directly on the scalp to get a quicker change. When you dress the scalp with fish oil for six hours a day for a month, you will improve scaling.
  • When you apply barberry on the scalp, it can reduce redness, inflammation and improve the scaling scalp.
  • Essential oils used in aromatherapy reduces stress and anxiety, which is the leading cause of scaling the scalp.

Topical Treatments

  • Corticosteroids

Corticosteroids treat mild to moderate psoriasis and are available in ointments, creams, gels, foams, shampoos, sprays, and lotions. You can use mild medications on sensitive areas such as the face and string ones on less sensitive parts like the scalp. They treat scaling and are perfect for controlling remission. Contrarily, the medications can thin your skin if you overuse them.

  • Synthetic vitamin D

Synthetic vitamin D can slow skin cell growth and effectively deal with a scaling scalp since scales occur due to the skin cells’ rapid growth. You can use the vitamin with other topical treatments to achieve the standard treatments.

  • Retinoid

Retinoid gels or creams treat scaling skin, but you should stop using the medication if you get skin irritation and sensitivity to light. Moreover, you cannot use the cream when pregnant, intending to be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Light Therapy

  • Sunlight

Brief exposure to sunlight daily increases the intake of natural vitamin D and reduces psoriasis’s effects. However, after consulting your doctor about the safe ways of utilizing natural sunlight, you should resort to sunlight therapy.

  • UV rays

Controlled bands of the UV rays from an artificial source can work well on skin psoriasis and treat scaling skin patches. However, you might need adequate moisturizing on the skin, which reduces unwanted effects such as skin burns.


When home remedies and topical treatments do not work for your scaling skin, you can try injections that heal the body from within. The injections will work well for severe scaling skin, and since it has severe side effects, it will be wise to use them for only brief periods.

The Bottom Line

Your doctor will choose treatment for scaling skin according to your skin type and severity of psoriasis. The ideal treatment starts with mild treatments as they observe its effects on your skin, and the treatment will progress towards potent treatments. The goal is to find a treatment that will work for your condition and improve psoriasis. Treatments should slow the cell turnover that causes scaling scalp.