What Happens During Tooth-Colored Enamel Restoration

Enamel is the outer part of a tooth, and it gives your teeth the strength to bite and chew hard and soft food. However, you can suffer from teeth discoloration. When your teeth become discolored, the enamel changes its color. According to research, when your teeth change color, they can become yellow or black. If your teeth are not as white as they used to be, you don’t have to worry anymore. A tooth-colored enamel restoration is a cosmetic procedure where a doctor corrects the decay and color of your teeth. This cosmetic dentistry can also correct tooth decay and cavities. Newport Beach tooth colored enamel restorations specialists are the best you can book an appointment with for enamel restoration procedures. Below are the causes of the discoloration.

The primary causes of teeth discoloration

Every person can suffer from discoloration. According to research, there are many things that can make your teeth lose color. They include:

  • Drinking alcohol and beverages. Many people like drinking beverages without knowing they affect their teeth. When you drink coffee frequently, your teeth may change color. Black stains start to develop, and as more time goes by they become stickier. When they grow firm, they cannot be removed through brushing.
  • Medication. The primary way treatment is done is through medication. However, some of these medications react with your enamel, changing its color. According to research, medication can discolor your teeth permanently. Some acidic particles of the medicine can cause tooth decay and cavities.
  • Genes. Genes are transferred from one person to another through birth. If your family suffers from tooth discoloration, you are likely to inherit the disorder from them. According to research, disorders inherited from family members can only be managed but not treated.

When your teeth become discolored, stains can lead to decay and cavities. Tooth decay can completely consume your enamel and the entire crown if not managed. Below is a way your doctor can restore your enamel.

Tooth filling for enamel restoration

The teeth-colored filling is one way of restoring your decayed enamel. However, it is good to know that not all decayed teeth can be filled. According to research, before the doctor goes ahead and starts filling your teeth, an examination is done. During the procedure, your doctor prepares a white substance that looks like cement. Your doctor then cleans your decayed teeth making sure no germs and bacteria are left. The cement is then applied in the holes and packed down using a dental instrument to make sure no air spaces are left. The same process is done to every tooth with cavities and cracks. After the procedure, your doctor polishes and cleans your teeth, making sure no spilled cement is left. The cement gives your teeth a white color.

Tooth-colored enamel restoration cosmetic procedures have helped many people to keep their teeth in good condition. This procedure helps to improve your smile and correct your decayed teeth. Enamel. General  & Cosmetic Dentistry center is the best you can consult for dental services.