How to Determine If Your Child Needs Psychiatrist Intervention

When people hear of mental health, they often assume that it can affect adults alone. However, kids and young adults face psychological challenges that can affect their quality of health. If you notice that your child or younger sibling is withdrawing from social interactions or behaving abnormally, seek a psychiatrist intervention from Dr. Alejandra Suzuki in Irvine and her team at Americas TMS Center. Before you book an appointment on their behalf, learn more about children’s mental health facts.

Signs That Your Child Could Be Having Mental Problems

Vices such as bullying as well as physical and mental abuse take a great toll on a child’s mental health. Seek help from a child psychiatrist if your child exhibits the following behaviors:


It is normal for children as young as two years to throw tantrums when they do not get things done their way. The only way they can communicate is by throwing things, rolling on the floor, or screaming. If the tantrums are lasting longer than a few hours, it is time to seek psychiatric assistance.

Withdrawing from social interactions

A child is a social being who can befriend anybody when playing. If your once extroverted child suddenly withdraws from talking or playing with other children, they could be reacting to a traumatic situation they faced. They might not find the courage to tell you why they want to be alone all of a sudden. Find a psychiatrist to evaluate the cause of their personality shift.

Poor grades and getting into trouble in school

A mentally-stable child should progress well academically. If you notice that your child’s grades are dropping, there could be more to it than meets the eye. Schools have counselors and academic coaches that can motivate your child to concentrate on school work. But when it gets worse, do not hesitate to contact a psychiatrist to diagnose your child’s mental state.

A child that does not improve in behavior with age

Most parents assume that children will outgrow certain habits as they grow. But if you notice that it gets worse, your child could be dealing with something that needs attention.

A child displays symptoms of mental illness after stressful life challenges

Victims of stressful situations such as bullying, a health condition, or a new child in the family might portray social aggression towards everyone around them. Do not assume that your child will be the same after encountering anything out of the norm.

Take control of your child’s mental health

Your environment and life happenings determine your child’s mental health. Always be on the lookout for these warning signs to help your child transition into adulthood well. If you are also facing mental issues beyond counseling, see a psychiatrist as a family. When you finally discover what the problem is, you will have the power to navigate life. To find out what a psychiatrist can do to boost your child’s mental well being, schedule an online consultation with America’s TMS Center today.