Importance of CAD drawing and drafting

AutoCAD has become a norm in construction industry due to several advantages that it offers to the end user. CAD drawing or computer aided design is the use of technology in the making, modification and optimization of design and design processes.

Several industries are making use of this technology to create exact drawings of product along with measurements that they wish to create or manufacture. Drawings created through CAD are highly precise in nature and include detailed measurements and description about materials used in the process.

CAD drafting and CAD drawings are critical to product development as envisaged in concept as people involved in production process have complete idea of the entire process when CAD drawings are implemented in full.

Importance of CAD drawings in architectural designs

Architectural drawings are considered as technical drawings of any building. They include floor plans, foundation plans, and much more. They include, not only the location of the building, but also show details about various parts of the building and their placement.

Importance in structural designs

CAD structural drawings are integral to the strength analysis of the building that is due to be constructed on the land. It offers a peep into the different types of structural items that are going to be used in construction, their total weight, their placement in different parts of the building and also their sizes and grade.

CAD drawings are important because the contractor, builder and every part involved in the process can have an in-depth evaluation of the strength of the building and the stress that it can take over a period of time.

Importance of CAD in electrical designs

CAD drawings are a big help to design accurate circuit designs, circuit panels, electrical grid systems and also help electrical professionals in assessing the potential risk areas in the building. CAD drawings also help electrical contractors in assessing complete requirement of electrical wires, fittings and other electrical equipment for the entire building.

CAD for plumbing and sanitary fittings

CAD drawings are a great help in understanding the location for lying of inlet and outlet pipes, drainage system of the building, location of fixtures and fittings and the way they have been fitted. These drawings become most important at the time of repairs and maintenance of building, years after the building is completed and is in regular use.

Finishing drawings

CAD drawings are important to execute finishing drawings as they are what people see to assess the quality of construction and know the materials used in construction and finishing.

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