How to get the bucks strippers to notice you? 

So, the day of your bucks party is finally here and your mates have not disappointed. They have taken you to a strip club as any man celebrating their last night of freedom should. The place will be teeming with beautiful ladies and if you’ve never been to a strip club, you should know that not all the sexiest girls will gravitate to you. Being flush with cash can be helpful but sometimes it takes more than cash or a big red sign that says ”I’m a buck”.

Here are some tips to help you attract strippers Melbourne clubs have to offer:

#1. Get into the right mindset.

When you have game you are confident and can have interesting conversations peppered with some humour to make girls laugh. No stripper wants to spend time with a lame guy who has zero personality. Be funny, be interesting, be confident and the ladies will notice you.
#2. Make an entrance

It might be your first time but you should still walk in with your head held high, like you are familiar with this environment. Never lurk as if you’re unsure of where to sit. Find a seat and settle in, and try to act normal.

#3. Don’t give in too easily

When Strippers Melbourne clubs offer approach you, let them sit beside you and not on your lap. That’s a level of familiarity you shouldn’t encourage. Let them know that you won’t fall for tricks or follow whatever script they may have. You know who you are and what you want.

If a girl asks you to dance, try to brush her off as politely as you can. This could be a trick for her to lure you to a spot where she can offer something you hadn’t planned on doing. If she hits you with ” I charge $100 per dance.” you end up paying more than what you had planned for without really experiencing other dancers and their performance. Tell her you might consider the offer later on in the night.

#4. Don’s give anyone your personal information

Just like strippers have a right to go by their chosen aliases, so do you. You can be Hercules, or Brad or Conan or stallon – you don’t have to give the strippers your real name or divulge information about your girlfriend, fiancee, or your wife and kids. Be a little playful with your name. Make up some fantastical stories about who you are and where you originate from. It’s no one’s business anyway.

#5. Give her the attention she needs

Yes, cash will give you plenty of attention but treating someone more like a human being than just a piece of meat goes a long way. When you are having a conversation, look her in the eyes, tell her how good she looks without sounding like a pervert. Compliment her on her dancing skills. Use neutral words like cute and ask as much as you need to. Ladies like feeling that they stand out. That someone sees more of what they are.

Be respectful and professional. Instead of calling her a ”stripper” in conversation, call her a ”dancer” instead. Strippers appreciate it when a guy eats them more than just a brainless sexual object.
If this visit is going to turn out to be a once in a while affair, these tips will make your next one more pleasant.