When Is It A Good Idea To Consider Surgery For Back Pain?

The truth is most back pains are temporary and do not require you to go under the knife. Physical therapy, cold/hot therapy, injections, pain medications, and exercises have proven excellent in curing back pains. But, how long do you need to endure your pain before you consider surgery? 

Determining whether to opt for surgery or not can be difficult as doctors and patients both keep it as a last resort. A doctor only suggests back surgery after you have tried all the other available options and failed. As there are many failed back surgery cases, it is better to try all the possible options for back pain in West Orange and then consult your doctor regarding surgery. 

When should you consider back surgery?

The only time you should consider surgery is when you have tried all the other options. If medications, physical therapies, and home remedies have not made a difference to your pain, and if instead of decreasing, the pain keeps on worsening with time, you may have to consider surgery. 

One may ask how long they have to wait before considering surgery. Research shows that between 75 to 90 percent of back pains get resolved on their own within a month, and some get better with non-surgical treatments. If the pain persists even after a month of trying various treatments, you may need to consult with a spine surgeon. 

Emergency back pain cases

Doctors usually do not recommend surgery as the first treatment option for back pain. But there are certain exceptions when back surgery becomes an emergency requirement. Such cases usually occur in accidents where your back is severely hurt due to being hit with a large extent of force. 

When chronic back pain is left untreated for a long while, it can develop into an emergency. In such cases, a spine surgeon may recommend surgery as other treatment options won’t be helpful at this point. Some instances of untreated back pain can lead to paralysis. 

Signs you may need back surgery.

A person going through one or more of the following conditions may be a good candidate for back surgery. 

  • Spinal stenosis, which puts pressure on your spinal cord and nerves and narrows it down. 
  • Degenerative disc disease is where a person’s spine discs get damaged due to old age.
  • Herniated or ruptured discs where the rubbery discs between the spinal bones are damaged.
  • Vertebral fractures caused due to accident injuries
  • When bones in your spine become out of place, known as spondylolisthesis.