How To Get The Most Out Of A Printing Company?

Whether you just recently built a company or been in business for so long, you have seen how marketing tactics improve over the years. The growth of digital publicity has been generating more attention as time passes, such as on Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

But even if that is the case, many businesses still rely on printed materials in one form or another. Sure, digital publicity can promote products and services in a broader reach, but that only gains online awareness. It does not attract customers where the business is or places that do not have an internet connection.

Also, digital publicity annoys a lot of people. While it does not harm them physically, it bothers them so much. According to Insider Intelligence, 41.7% of users thought of digital publicity as too aggressive, while 18.6% find this way of advertising as creepy, and the rest find it uninteresting or none of their concerns. No wonders why veterans still consider hiring a printing company in Singapore. They thought that if they cannot win their customers online, they will do it in person through printed materials, such as posters, brochures, paper bags, and many more.

To further persuade you to hire this expert, too, here is a recap of the reasons why you should rely on a printing company in Singapore.

Connect More With Audience.

Printed materials play a crucial role in reaching audiences and socialising with customers on a personal level. That is true since consumers today tend to rely on relationships more than ever. They prefer an expert that they feel have a genuine interest in their needs. As such, you will be able to win their heart more.

Establish Trust and Credibility.

From a psychological view, printed materials give more credibility than digital publicities. More customers find a brand more dependable and well-established on posters than ad posts online. That is why many still rely on printed materials and hire a printing company to help them issue quality paper advertisements.

Reach a More Diverse Audience.

Compared to digital publicity, printed materials do not rely on demographics to attract more customers. That method is unnecessary since traditional print draws people from a diverse audience. That is possible because you hand out the printed materials to anyone who passes by your shop, and that gives you no details about their age and interest.

Now, are you more convinced to rely on them in promoting your products and services across your business’s neighbourhood? If your answer is yes, you made the right choice with a print shop fort wayne in! Keep in mind that digital publicity alone cannot win any customers’ heart. You have to do it both, but moderately so no one will get annoyed.


Ask About Their Printing Services.

Not every printing company in Singapore has the same printing services. Some may offer offset lithography, while others may focus only on digital printing. Therefore, before you choose anyone, make sure you know which services you need from them.

You could do that by asking them which printing method works best for your project. In doing so would let you know if the printing company could handle the process you need or not. But to rest assured they could manage your request in the first place, look for a printing company that can work on several printing services.

Here are just a few they should have.

  • Booklet / Catalogue
  • Greeting Card
  • Packaging Box
  • Calendar
  • Sticker/Label
  • Photo Frame
  • Large Format Printing
  • Flyers
  • Poster
  • Wedding Invitation /Birthday Card

Make sure that the printing company of your choice offers at least half of the list. Even better, if they could handle more printing services other than these things above. If they do so, they might be able to manage and print the printed materials you need.


Know Your Files.

Once you found the right printing company for your business in Singapore, the first thing you need to do for a successful print job is send your file in the appropriate format. Mind that even if these experts have become proficient in accepting a wide range of file formats, some may not work in the printing equipment they are using.

For example, Microsoft documents only work right if all the font contains are on the host printing machine. If the used font is not there, it might not print anything or print another font.

To prevent such risk from happening, you should save your files in PDF format. That is the gold standard that most print-on-demand companies accept in Singapore.

Also, do not forget to write a proper filename on your files, so it would not get lost when you send it over to the printing company.


Find the Right Paper.

When it comes to printing printed materials, the quality and type of paper you used has a lot to say. Somehow, it defines how the end product should look. That is why choosing the paper material is probably one of the most important steps you will have to make.

For you to know the answer, there are three factors you have to consider: colour, weight, and texture. Those three are necessary so you could make a suitable choice for the file you want to print.

Take note that each factor is crucial to the end product you will receive from the printing company. That is why if you have no idea how to consider those factors, let them know so they could help you find the right paper for your printed materials.


Understand How the Document Get Printed.

As mentioned before, there are two methods a printing company usually offers to their printing services in Singapore: offset and digital.

Offset printing works by etching the document first onto a set of metallic plates (they are often primary colours of red, yellow and blue). Right after that, the printing company will then transfer the etched metallic plates onto paper.  As such, the paper material will now have a design similar to the files you sent to them.

On the other hand, digital printing has a different way. This method does not etch or transfer anything from one material to another. What digital printing does is just the same as the printer in your office, but in better quality. The printing equipment they use to print printed materials here can produce many copies in a short time.

Either way, make sure before you let the printing company print your files, double-check first. See if the file has a proper format and if they use the right paper. Doing so would give you peace of mind about the end product that you will get later on.


Consider Customer Service.

If you need to print a marketing material right away, make sure you go to a printing company that focuses more on customer service. Receiving an update about the printing process does not only ease your mind. It also rests assured you that you will receive the end product on time. That is indeed an important aspect a printing company should have, so you will feel that your printed materials also matter to them.

For you to know if they have good customer service, you should consider reading their customer reviews. The testimonials from their previous client will help you find out whether they are worth hiring for. Or if they do follow the request from their customers, even at the last minute.

In any case, you cannot find any reviews on their website, go to Google and Facebook and their customer opinions there. These two platforms often have testimonials about the products and services a user had experienced in the past.


Write a Printing Services Contract.

If you have reached this point, that means one thing—you already have found the right printing company in Singapore. Now, you probably want to make sure that you can get the most out of their printing services. As such, you will be able to request your printing needs and receive them without trouble.

Well, guess what—that is possible as long as you write a printing services contract yourself. Of course, you should let the printing company know about this before proceeding with your plan. Otherwise, all your hard work will not pay off, and you might end up looking for another one that would allow you to write your own.

If the printing company said yes, and follow the steps below.


Get Your Voice Down.

Before you write anything, you need to think about the voice you will use. It is about the way you will rely on your concerns about the printing services in this contract. Ideally, you have to make it sound formal, so they will know you are serious about the content you have written there. But in case you are having trouble using legal vocabulary, simply write everything crystal clear.

Be concise with your words and choose them wisely.

Clarify Who’s Who.

When it comes to speaking, you do not refer to people by their names at all times. There are cases you have to use terms like you and me to make the conversation a lot easier to understand.

The only problem with this approach is that it can be confusing. You have no idea which is which since the terms mentioned above can be interchangeable depending on the readers’ view. That is why to avoid confusion, the first thing you need to do in your contract is to identify the identity of both parties.

Here is an example that can help you understand further.

You (The name of your business), located at (address of your shop) hiring us (name of the printing company) located at (where the printing company is) to print the printed materials for the estimated total price of (insert amount based on the price list of what quoted to you) as discussed in our previous (add what means of communication you used like emails or phone call)

Be Specific About Your Request.

After knowing who’s who, it is now time to note down all of your concerns and expectations. Doing so would give them ideas about what they can do for you.

To make your request easier to understand, you can list them in bullet forms. Also, to know what you can expect from their printing services, you should write down and clarify those things with the printing company before proceeding to the next step. Usually, you will get this information during your initial discussion. But if you have more questions in mind, let them know first before making a contract.

Validity of the Contract.

It is the turnaround time when your partnership with the printing company will end. Usually, they are in date, month, and year format to avoid confusion.

Make sure before you write down a validity date, you are sure about it. Ask yourself about up until when you want to use traditional advertising to promote your products and services.

And now you are done! The only thing left is your signature and the approval of the printing company. Once signed, make sure you give them a copy. That will serve as proof of your agreement with their printing services in Singapore.


Be Smart When Dealing With a Printing Company!

Being able to promote products and services through traditional marketing allows you to attract more customers. Just make sure that you have enough confidence to hang them on the wall of your shop and hand out the printed materials such as flyers to all passersby.

Also, keep in mind that the printing quality can make or break the impression of your customers about your business. That is why it is necessary to choose the right printing company in the first place and have a strong relationship with them. By doing so, you can stay in control of the end product that you will get.

Now be smart when dealing with a printing company in Singapore! You can use the tips mentioned above when you deal with Win & Win Printer and rely on their printing services!