How To Have a Fun Sleepover When You’re an Adult

If you had a sleepover with your friends as a child, then you know just how awesome they can be. Spending quality time with the people who vibe with you can make for the best childhood memories you can have.

Well, you can have that fun again as a grown adult. We promise you, it’s even funner as adults because you can do so many more fun activities. Definitely give it a go one of these days with your friends so you know what it’s all about.

Here are some ways to have a fun sleepover as an adult.

CBD Story Time

When having an adult sleepover, one of the things you can do to begin planning is buy full spectrum CBD oil from Naternal so you can have fun chilling and telling stories with your friends. Their CBD oils contain hemp extract terpenes and cannabinoids that help enhance the effects of CBD. They also provide a large array of benefits and even more powerful effects.

Their CBD products are tested with third-party labs, so you can always get the highest quality of CBD possible. They include MCT oil and less than 0.3 percent of THC. Their tinctures can be consumed daily sublingually, or even in your favorite smoothies or coffee blends. On a side note, it’s important to consult with your primary physician prior to consuming any CBD products.

Pajama Party

Another cool thing you can do is have a pajama party. During this pajama party, you can tell stories, gossip, watch a TV series, read books, and even do bedtime routines for self-care. You can prepare yourself for this by purchasing pajamas for women. You can even buy matching PJs for each of your friends. These can have animal prints, patterns, or polka dot designs, and can even come as dresses or two-piece sets.


If you’re with your girls, you can have a DIY spa day at your house. You can include facemasks, manicures and pedicures, hair styling, and even massages. You can also meditate or do yoga as a group for a fun self-care sleepover.

Photo Booth

You can set up a photo booth so you can take funny pictures with your friends. They can be made with cardboard, props, and any smartphone camera. Your friends will love taking selfies with the booth and sharing them on their social media.


For a loud and musical sleepover, you can do karaoke. When it comes to karaoke, everyone becomes shy; however, when they see just how fun it can be, they’ll be willing to give it a shot. You can choose a theme for the karaoke songs like movie soundtracks or love songs so you can all participate and have fun.

Party Games

Party games are by far one of the most fun things you can do at a sleepover. You can do drinking games, board games, and classics like Jenga and Never Have I Ever. You can make up your own rules to make things even crazier.


At any sleepover you go to, there’s always food involved—be it s’mores, cookies, dinner, or any other dish. You can take this opportunity to bond with your friends in the kitchen. You can cook up your favorite dishes together while you tell stories or simply make conversation.

Movie Marathon

Another thing you can do is chill with your friends by watching a movie marathon. For example, if you’re fans of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, or Star Wars movies, you can do a movie marathon and play games while they’re rolling. You can also binge-watch TV series like Friends or Star Trek.

These activities will make you and your friends want to do this every other weekend.