How To Increase Your Watercraft Values Rhodes Island

For most assets, one thing is sure, depreciation. This is especially the case for many watercraft. Depreciation is inevitable as it is positively related to time and time can’t be stopped. What then can you do to keep your watercraft highly valued? Maybe you can make upgrades to it. This should increase its value and hopefully offset the loss in value due to depreciation. If your choice of watercraft is a boat then here are a few simple upgrades that should definitely increase your watercraft values Rhodes Island.

Simple DIY Upgrades for Your Boat

  • Get A Better Fish Finder

Many boat lovers are fishermen at heart. Thus, one way to increase your watercraft values Rhodes Island would be to upgrade any equipment on them that might aid fishing. 

Contrary to what many people think, fish finders are cheap, easy, and quick to upgrade. All you would need are two things. A software update which is usually available and free of charge on your unit’s manufacturer’s website, and a new transducer which costs just about $200 or less.

  • Switch to Led Lighting

Switching from the regular cockpit and cabin lighting to new super bright LED light bulbs bears more than one advantage. Firstly, and probably most importantly, it helps the boat consume less energy, thus making it more cost-effective. Now, who doesn’t like cost-effective boats?

  • Install A Rear-View Mirror

As ordinary as it sounds, getting a rear-view mirror could be a wonderful addition if you are a fan of certain water sports. Maybe the future buyer is one too.

  • Install Underwater Lighting

Other than giving your boat aesthetic qualities every nighttime, underwater lighting can be of practical use when docking your boat at night. 

It could also serve as a fish finder of some sort. Although, rather than find fish, the fish might see it and be attracted to them. Either way, it would serve fishing enthusiasts well.

  • Changing Your Prop

If you are looking for an easier, less expensive way to improve on your boat’s top speed, then you should consider changing your prop. This is a relatively cheaper option than having to spend thousands of dollars on changing or tweaking your boat engine. They are also very easy to replace, usually taking not more than 15 minutes.

  • Install USB Charging Ports

Most old boats do not have factory-fitted USB charging ports, and passengers would have to get back to land before they charge their electronic devices. you can install these charging ports in your boat easy and for less than $50.

There are more expensive upgrades you can carry out to increase your watercraft values Rhodes Island if you’ve got the funds.  Installing a high-grade stereo system for example is one. Another is installing refrigerators and ice makers. There are a lot of options but what’s most important however is regular general maintenance of the boat. There is no better way to preserve its value than that.