How to Optimise Your Landing Page in 2020

Landing page optimisation refers to the improvements you make to a landing page intending to increase conversions.

A landing page is a standalone webpage created for specific purposes such as capturing new leads and promoting new products. If optimised correctly, a landing page can boost conversion rates and improve a company’s revenue. 

Landing Page Optimisation Tips

Here the tips you should follow if you want to create a high-converting landing page.

  • Use a Compelling Headline

The first thing a visitor sees on your landing page is the headline. If it is not clear and compelling, nobody is likely to waste time reading the rest of the content. 

Ideally, your headline should convince the user to take a specific desired action. The best way of doing this is by including numbers or a unique value proposition in your landing page title. The headline should also be in line to the copy in the webpage.

  • Employ a Minimalist Approach

When it comes to landing page optimisation, less is more. Including too many elements on your landing page can distract visitors from taking your call-to-action.

More businesses are now using a minimalist approach to ensure that landing pages remain effective. By keeping things minimal, you help your audience to stay focused on the important aspects and encourage them to convert. 

  • A Simple Background and Striking Colours

Humans perceive visual content faster than text. According to studies, 92.6% of consumers say that the visual dimension is the top factor that affects their buying decision. This means that the colour scheme you choose impacts on your landing page optimisation strategy.  

Make sure that the colours on your page resonate with your target audience. They should also be consistent with the theme of your website to make the landing page more recognisable. 

  • The CTA Should be the Only Link

As mentioned above, landing pages that use a minimal approach convert higher than others. The same applies to the number of call-to-action buttons on your landing page.

Since the primary objective is to increase conversions, you need to provide fewer distractions to your website traffic. It would be best if you used only one link in your landing page. The link should be in the CTA.

It is worth noting that people have short attention spans, when you use too many links, you distract users. On the contrary, having a single link reduces distractions and increase the chances of conversions. 

  • Add Social Proof

Most marketers centre their landing page optimisation strategy on visual content and compelling call-to-action. However, these elements are not a guarantee that your visitors will take the desired action.

One of the reasons why people fail to click CTAs is concern over data privacy. The best solution to this problem is adding social proof to your landing pages.

Social proof is evidence that other people used our product or service and found it useful. It can improve your conversion rate because people like buying items that others are already purchasing. 

  • Include Trust Seals

Trust seals show your website traffic that your business protects their confidential information. According to Bayard, users tend to trust sites that have trust badges over those that do not,

You can improve your conversion rates by including security seals in your landing pages. 

  • Create a Thank You Page

If the objective of your landing page optimisation campaign is b2b lead generation, make a thank you page. By thanking your visitors, you show that you want more than their contact information. Expressing gratitude also indicates that you care for your target audience.

  • Keep Important Content Above-the-fold

It is advisable to place your CTA above-the-fold. Similar to the headline, people often see above-the-fold content before they view the rest of the page. This ensures that your traffic sees your call-to-action even if they fail to read the entire page.


If you want your landing page optimisation to be successful, the tips above are an excellent starting point. Keep in mind that the best landing pages focus on grabbing the attention of the visitor. 

Lastly, it is essential to invest in research. When you understand your target audience, you will create landing pages that get impressive conversion rates. Get in touch with MediaOne for landing page and website design services in Singapore.