How to Wear Your Buddhist Meditation Beads

Buddhist meditation beads are called mala beads, mantra beads or japa beads and are similar to Catholic rosaries because they both have symbolic and spiritual properties.  There are many different ways to use malas to strengthen your mind. There are usually 108 beads in a mala along with a guru or teacher bead and a tassel at the end. Some japa mediation students believe the bead number is random and not significant. While others believe the 1 represents God, 0 is for humility and the 8 is a turned infinity symbol. There are many other interpretations of the number but this is not important in consideration for wearing a set of mala prayer beads.

Wear malas as fashion or for meditation?

Your mala beads may be worn in a fashionable way or in a spiritual way. Some people frown on having your Buddhist meditation mala beads shown to others as they feel it dissipates the energy of the beads. If this concerns you, wear the japa mala inside your clothing or carry it in a special mala bag. Wearing your mala beads for a total of 40 days should create a good link between the mala beads and your energy if you are wearing them for spiritual purposes.

Wearing malas as a necklace

You can wear your mala beads around your neck to their full length as a necklace, or you may double up the beads to shorten their length around your neck. Shortening the Buddhist meditation beads can be done with something simple, like a safety pin.

Wearing malas as a bracelet

Mala beads may also be worn on your wrist, whichever wrist you feel most comfortable wearing them on with the tassel tucked or hanging. Mala beads can be made in the form of bracelets with a lesser bead count, or you may carefully wrap the full length 108 mala bead necklace around your wrist.

Keep the mala beads clean

Be sure to keep your mala beads cleansed so they do not draw negative energy. Do not let the Buddhist meditation beads touch your feet as this is considered disrespectful. It is also suggested that you not allow any other person to touch your mala beads, if they do just remember to cleanse them. Mala beads may be recharged in a full day of sun or overnight with the moon. Never let your mala beads touch the ground though, it is said to be bad luck and bring bad energy.