How Weighbridge Automation Coupled With Technological Advances Is Revolutionizing the Supply Chain

It is well known that the supply chain is an integral part of most businesses and is essential for the success of company and customer satisfaction. Proper supply chain management helps companies to eliminate excess costs and deliver products to the consumer faster. And it can be done by keeping tighter control of internal inventories, production, distribution, and sales.

Over the years, automated weighbridge has contributed a lot in improving the supply chain. Transforming the equipment like sensors, processors, and output displays it’s benefiting supply chain in terms of greater accuracy, automation, repeatability, and speed.

And with weighbridge software, it has become easier in information(data) management along with accounting functions. Besides, the weighbridge system can be integrated into the organization’s own internal software systems and provide more information to relevant parties and customers.

Weighbridge automation guarantees secured weighing, real-time reporting, and can be customization as required. Here are some of the benefits of automated weighbridge and how it contributes to revolutionizing the supply chain.

Secure and reliable – Now, weighing can be done under CCTV surveillance with continuous photo/video capturing of vehicle and platform while recording weight. You don’t have to keep worrying and checking the weighing process

Anti-theft Security Checks–  It helps to Eliminate frauds and stealing. The anti-theft security check restricts human errors like fake weighing, double weighing of the same vehicle, manipulation in vehicle positioning, zero error, and verifies vehicle identity. Your entire weighing process will be more safer and accurate.

Operator-less and fast Weighing – With automated weighbridge, you can save labor cost as there is no need for an operator. Weighing is done through Smart Card/RFID. Due to no human interaction, it makes the weighing process speeds up. Even the drivers are guided to the location by audio instructions.

Data Management – Weighbridge is equipped with data management software, which makes it easier to control and report the data. All the data are electronically stored and backed up so that you can easily access it when required. Furthermore, it also contributes to speeding the weighing process by reducing the documentation and formalities.

Real-time monitoring – The weighing process can be monitored in real-time through the dashboard without being present in the weighing spot. You will get the live details of the weighing process and can monitor each transaction.

Reporting – Report generations also get easier with an automated weighing system; virtually any reports can be drawn based on the information required and delivered via e-mail.

Weighbridge truck scales are a valuable asset for all industries; it delivers a wide range of benefits, not limiting to supply chain. However, there are various types of weighbridge truck scales and software installed in it, to get maximum benefits(better return on investment), it is essential to partner with an experienced weighbridge supplier who can ensure the weighbridge matches your requirements for both short and long-term.

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