Reasons Mobile Crane & On/Off Truck Drivers Absolutely Love This Hi-Speed Tyre

When it comes to hi-speed tyres for mobile crane & on/off trucks, ordinary tyres do not work. Duraturn makes extraordinary tyres for the crane. There are many companies that make crane tyres, but you cannot trust all of them.

You need a crane tyre that will promise your safety and tyre that are low-maintenance while you are driving.

Duraturn hi-speed crane tyres are designed for the best durability and comfort in both on and off-road crane use. This hi-speed tyre is designed to fulfill diverse requirements and is safe for high-speed travel on roads.

Some of the features of Duraturn tyres are:

  1. Excellent handling in on/off-road
  2. No overheating
  3. Increased durability and reliability
  4. Consistent performance
  5. Offers a high level of comfort
  6. Helps to maintain grip
  7. Improved speed durability
  8. Low maintenance
  9. Long service life

Duraturn pledges to develop a diverse and comprehensive range of high-quality and affordable tyres for the crane.

365/80R20 Hi-Speed On/Off Truck and Mobile Crane Tyre: Duraturn Y811 is one of the best crane tyres available in the market. If you are looking for 365/80R20 or 14/80×20 tyres for your vehicles, then this tyre is the best choice for you.

Duraturn Y811 365/80r20 Hi-Speed Tyre is 4500Kg rated and is suitable for steer and drive. This is an all-position tyre for on/off-road surfaces.

Duraturn hi-speed tyre is sourced by Oceanic Direct special for off-road trucks and mobile crane operators.

Here are some reasons mobile crane & on/off truck drivers absolutely love this hi-speed tyre:

Tyre life and Durability

Duraturn tyres are known for the long-lasting and durable tyres. This tyre contains a hybrid tread pattern to provide excellent traction under load and increased braking performance.

Duraturn hi-speed crane tyre is made with a high abrasion-resistant tread compound combined with a wide footprint tread designed that enhances stability and irregular wear in various applications.

Tread and Casing protection

Duraturn Hi-Speed Tyre specially designed with reinforced block tread pattern to improve puncture and cut resistance. The wide tread pattern groove hasthe self-cleaning ability with stone ejectors to help prevent sharp stones from attaching and embedding to the tyre’s tread surface or grooves and penetrating the tyre structure.

The stone ejectors improve the tyre’s service life and offer additional protection by preventing tyre body damage. Open shoulder design provides excellent heat dissipation capacity.


This tyre is versatile, and it works perfectly on the cement road, mountain, swamp, desert, snow, and all kinds of road conditions.

The optimised internal tyre carcass of this tyre is designed to improve the durability under various conditions.

Long mileage solution


The internal contour design also improves durability significantly. In this tyre, the high abrasion tread compound is combined with a widened tread width to enhance the mileage.

The wide design of the belted layer also improves the ability of the tyre in low-pressure. The tubeless design of brilliantly cooperates with automobile automatic air system and inner support.