Impact Of Lockdown On Pest Control

It is quite safe to say that no one saw a global pandemic happening. The dawn of 2020 brought in so many changes that no one was ready or prepared for. One of the biggest outcomes of the global pandemic was the imposition of lockdown in several countries. The world came to a standstill with the beginning of the lockdown. However, Essex pest control companies were one of the busiest service providers despite the lockdown.

When the lockdown began in the starting months of 2020, several businesses and companies shut down. Only essential service providers were running. Despite a global pandemic raging on, pests were still active in several parts of the world. Especially with minimal human activity and increasing desolation, pests were multiplying. Demands for pest control from both domestic and even commercial businesses were quite high as pests became a huge problem when everything started to shut down.

Increasing Demands From Homeowners

Several pest control companies and agencies were thriving and busy before the pandemic hit several nations. However, even after the pandemic became a serious concern and businesses start to shut down, pest control companies were still busier than ever. Even with the imposition of lockdown and safety measures, there were a lot of demands for pest control services, especially since millions of people were now stuck at home.

Pest control is a very seasonal job and business. Usually, pest controllers are busy either during the summer or winter months. But even during the lockdown period, 2020 was a year when pest control companies were on constant beck and call. With people staying home and the weather being warm, it was the ideal situation for pests and rodents to move indoors. This led to spikes in pest infestation cases that kept pest control companies busy throughout the lockdown.

Commercial Businesses Need For Pest Control

Apart from an increase from domestic and local homeowners, pest control companies also tended to several commercial cases. The lockdown caused several shops and businesses that were non-essential to close down. Closure and lack of human activity is the ideal condition that leads to pest infestation. As businesses and shops were all closed, it meant there was no cleaning, managing, or checking for such infestations.

Many commercial establishments and businesses took the services and help of pest control companies to prevent infestation. You would think that the lockdown would put companies like pest control out of work. However, the opposite was true. Pest control companies were never busier than during the lockdown. Several companies took up the job of disinfecting, sanitizing, and even exterminating pests from commercial shops and businesses which were closed for a long time.

Decreased Man Power

With the pandemic raging on, several countries, cities, states, and even towns imposed restrictions and protocols that key workers and essential service providers needed to follow. One of the main rules was the decreased capacity in the workforce. Pest controllers usually operate in teams with a good number of people. However, with the new rules and methods of working, manpower and workforce decreased.

Pest controllers also needed to follow certain rules while inspecting and visiting homes. They needed to make sure that they carry out their work with strict adherence to protocols.