Important questions to ask your exterminator before hiring them

Dealing with pests and pesky intruders can be overwhelming, and all we want is to get rid of them. It becomes a fairly bigger concern, when they are infesting everything around you, and making it impossible to stand another minute. For your pest problem, all you need is a professional pest control technician who could take care of them. While it is necessary to get rid of those pests, it is crucial to make the right choice with your exterminator company.

Before you hire anyone for pest control at your home or office, ask these questions to pick the one that’s right for you.

  1.     How do they decide the right service for you?

While it’s true that you are no pest control expert, asking the company about the services could help you choose the right treatment. And since the professional would know better, ask them about the kind of pests and the impact of their infestation to your house. Ask about the effectiveness of the treatment and how frequently should you opt for this service. Do your research on their answers, and check with multiple companies before picking one.

  1.     Is the technician licensed or certified for the job?

Not everybody can perform pest control. It requires certain licenses and training to be certified as a professional. Being certified means that they understand the effects and side-effects of various treatment chemicals. And that they are well equipped to make the right decisions, if and when needed. So, ask for their license, and ensure that it is valid and recent, before hiring them.

  1.     Ask for testimonials and references

The best way to judge a company and its services is through their customer reviews. Before hiring a company for pest control, do your research about their customer feedback. Also, ask for references and testimonials. A good and reputed company would be happy to share these details. But, if you find any red flags, you know what to do next.

  1.     Discuss the chemicals and services

Certain chemicals used for pest controls are hazardous and should be used with caution. If you have kids or pets at home, you should be vigilant about it and should discuss with the consultants. If there are any side-effects to the chemicals or if you should take some precautions to stay clear of the harmful chemicals.

Also, for some treatments, you might have to isolate the area for a while. So, make sure you discuss all these aspects to avoid any last-minute surprises. Don’t forget to discuss and negotiate the cost of the treatment.

  1.     Consultation and documentation

Apart from the pest control, as an immediate solution, you would want to keep these pests from coming back. Discuss with the consultants about the cause of the pest infestation and what you can do to keep it from happening again. Also, do ask the company, if they will be providing a document (or certificate) of pest control, listing the details of the service performed, root cause and any follow-up actions.

All these questions might seem intuitive and usual, but asking them is important. By asking the right questions and discussing the details with your pest control exterminators in Detroit, you can make a more informed choice.