Important Things to Know About Marijuana In Nevada

Nevada is an enchanting city that attracts thousands of tourists each year. If touring for the first time, you’ll realize that there’s so much to do in the buzzing city. Though you may want to visit famous attractions like the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, learning about marijuana won’t cost you a penny. Whether you’re a medical or recreational weed user, there’s so much to learn and do in Nevada.

Who can purchase marijuana in Nevada?

You can purchase recreational marijuana in Nevada if you’re over 21 years. Similarly, you qualify for medical cannabis if you’re over 18 and in possession of a medical cannabis card. This may be issued in Nevada or in another state. For minors, you’re eligible for medical cannabis if an adult signs as your primary caregiver.

Where can I source the products? There are many cannabis outlets, and the Dispensary Downtown Reno is a perfect example. It’s a renowned marijuana outlet in Reno stocking a wide variety of cannabis goodies. These range from oils, edibles, sprays, ointments, flower, and many more.

Most dispensaries have dual licenses, meaning you can get both medical and recreational weed from one spot. You’ll find most of the outlets in densely populated areas like Reno.

 What are the quantity limits? 

There are restrictions to how much you can purchase or possess. And this applies to both recreational and medical weed users. The Best Dispensary will guide you on how much you can purchase and the doses.

For recreational marijuana, you can purchase up to an ounce of flower, 1/ of concentrate at once. All purchases will attract a 15% exercise tax. Similarly, you can buy 2.5 ounces of medical marijuana every two weeks. This includes edibles, flower, concentrates, and high THC products that can get you high.

Once you acquire the right products, participate in other fun activities. The good thing about Nevada is that there are too many things to do in Downtown Reno and other popular cities like Las Vegas and Henderson. These include;

  • Road trips
  • Hiking& backpacking
  • snowshoeing at Mt. Rose Meadows
  • Riding Rubies
  • Ice fishing
  • Attending winter festivals and more

Can I consume marijuana in public?

Most states have regulations when it comes to public consumption, and Nevada isn’t an exception. Legally, you can only consume the products in private. It’s illegal to smoke in public, in a vehicle, or on federal land, but there’s one social lounge that you can use.

Hotels, casinos, and other social joints forbid the use of cannabis. If found violating the rules, you risk six months in prison and a $1,000 fine. However, these may ease in the future as governments continue to pass new legislation on marijuana use.

If touring Nevada and are a medical or recreational cannabis user, you don’t need to worry about your supplies. You’ll get them and more in most weed dispensaries in the state. However, understanding the regulations will help avoid trouble. Visit marijuana dispensaries in the state and learn more about the legal limits for tourists. Also, tour other attractions in cities like Reno and enjoy the fascinating scenery and cuisine.