Vascular ultrasound: A very useful technology

A vascular ultrasound is a test that helps in examining the blood circulation of the body and is helpful in identifying and diagnosing several diseases. A Brooksville vascular ultrasound uses sound waves and helps the doctors by providing an image of soft tissues present in the body which the normal x-ray fails to capture.

What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture of the tissues, organs, tendons, and blood vessels present inside the body. It is a non-invasive way that does not use any radiation. It is used by doctors to diagnose several diseases and also has some therapeutic applications. It is also known as sonography.

In this process, a transducer is placed on the skin to find a gel that collects the sounds from the body and uses a computer to create a real-time image of the internal parts of the body.

What is a vascular ultrasound?

Vascular ultrasound is the ultrasound that creates images of the veins and arteries and blood flow in the blood vessels. It has several uses in the medical field and helps doctors in several ways. Let us look at some purposes that it serves.

Some uses of a vascular ultrasound

  • A doctor uses vascular ultrasound to evaluate and analyze varicose veins to decide the course of further treatment.
  • It is used to detect deep venous thrombosis which is the condition in which blood clots are formed in major veins of the arms and legs.
  • It helps in monitoring the normal blood flow throughout the body. It shows blood flow in organs and tissues.
  • There are several types of blockages that can be identified through a vascular ultrasound.
  • It is also very useful in identifying abnormalities like emboli and plaque.
  • An aneurysm is a condition of an enlarged artery that can also be detected through it.
  • Angioplasty is a procedure performed to open up or reconstruct a blood vessel; a varicose ultrasound helps in assessing if a patient is a good candidate for this procedure.
  • If somebody has gone through a procedure to graft or bypass blood vessels, an ultrasound helps in evaluating its success.

Vascular ultrasound is a technology that helps doctors find the above-mentioned conditions and decide an effective treatment course for these diseases. Apart from that, it is also very useful for children.