The Olympic Games are a global spectacle that bring athletes from all around the world together to compete in a wide array of sports. Traditionally, men and women have competed in separate events. However, there are a select number of Olympic events in which men and women currently compete directly against each other. These mixed-gender events are a testament to the continued evolution and inclusivity of the Olympics.

The  list of Olympic events where women and men compete directly against each other are as follows:

  1. Equestrian Sports: One of the oldest mixed-gender Olympic sports, equestrian events have included both men and women competing alongside one another since 1952. The competition is divided into three disciplines: dressage, jumping, and eventing. In each of these, men and women compete on equal terms, with the focus of scoring primarily on the abilities of the horse.
  2. Sailing: Sailing, or yachting as it was initially known, has been a mixed event since 1900, with the boat’s performance, not the athlete’s physical prowess, being the determining factor.
  3. Tennis and Badminton Mixed Doubles: These events pair a male and female player from each country against other co-ed teams. Mixed doubles in badminton has been a part of the Olympic program since 1996, while mixed doubles tennis was reintroduced at the 2012 London Olympics after a long hiatus.
  4. Mixed Relay in Athletics and Swimming: Introduced recently, these relay races involve teams comprising both men and women. The 4x400m mixed relay event in athletics and the 4x100m mixed medley relay in swimming were added to the Olympic program at the Tokyo 2020 Games.
  5. Mixed Team Events in Archery and Shooting: These events pair one male and one female athlete from each country to compete together as a team. They were also added to the Olympic program recently.
  6. Triathlon Mixed Relay: This event was added to the Olympic program at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Each team consists of two men and two women, and each athlete completes a short course triathlon before tagging off to their teammate.
  7. Judo Mixed Team Event: Introduced in the Tokyo 2020 Games, this event consists of teams of three men and three women from the same country competing in different weight categories.
  8. Table Tennis Mixed Doubles: Mixed Doubles in table tennis made its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The decision to introduce more mixed-gender events reflects the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) ongoing commitment to promoting gender equality in sports. The Tokyo 2020 Games marked a historic milestone in this regard, with nearly 49% of the athletes being women and more mixed events on the program than ever before.

However, for the most current information about mixed-gender events in the Olympic Games, it’s always best to check the official Olympic website or the websites of the individual International Sports Federations, as the program can change from one Olympic Games to another.