Invest and earn through ETFinance

Trading in stocks and forex was popular in the market for many years and people have been earning money investing in stocks and forex. About a decade back, a new concept named crypto currency came into the market. It was more of a type of virtual currency. Though it was not accepted during the initial years of its launch, many people started using it around two to three years back. The craze became so high that traders who used to trade in stocks and forex rushed in to trade in the currency to earn some huge initial profits. Many people earned a lot of money trading in the new currency and with every passing time, more numbers of people are joining to trade.

As a result, many online brokers came into the market so that people can get the benefit of trading from the comfort of their home. These brokers also started guiding their new customers with training so that within a few months they can trade quite efficiently on their own. Many unreliable brokers also came into the market during this time duping many traders of their money. If you are interested in doing online trading, then the first thing is to open an account with a reputed and reliable online broker.

ETFinance is one of the most reputed brokers in the field. They are very trustworthy and have got a team of experts who are quite competent and can guide you well in your trading process.They operate in world class trading platforms and after opening the account, you will find the trading process to be smooth and profit making. If you are a new comer, there is no reason to get worried as they will provide you with easy to understand tutorials on each of the trading assets including crypto currency, stocks, forex, commodities and more.

Another big advantage of doing the trade through ETFinance is that you can trade in multiple assets in various markets by opening a single account. You can plan your investment, put your money in different assets and diversify your portfolio. With the diversification of portfolio in various assets, your total investment will remain secured. In the trading world, there goes a saying do not put all your eggs in one basket.You can invest some money in crypto currency, a little amount in forex and some more money in stocks. It is a guarantee that not all of them will be going down at any point of time.

You will also find the technical process of training quite easier. They offer trading in multiple platforms like on the desktop, on your laptop and also on your Smartphone. With the advent of Smartphone, the trading through it has become the most acceptable version. Just with the touch of a button on your Smartphone, you will be able to place your orders, buy or sell and whatever asset you choose. The most interesting part of the story is that you can do it in whichever place you stay, in whichever part of the world.

We all know that all persons do not have the same amount of money to invest in. The goal of a person is dependent on the amount of money he has invested. A high net worth individual will have different demands from that of a middle class man. Based on this psychology, ETFinance has the option of different categories of accounts which are classified below –

Silver account – If you are a beginner then you must opt for opening this account. You will be given 750 assets to trade in across various categories. With this account, you will be enjoying a minimum spread of 0.07 and a maximum leverage of 1:30. Taking the help of this leverage, you can earn huge profits if you can make your portfolio diversification in a well planned manner. The option of Islamic account is also available with this category. Muslims who are new to the field can also open an Islamic account under this category and enjoy the benefits.

Gold account – Once you have gained some knowledge about the trading terms and the market, it is time to move on to the next level. Here comes the option of opening a gold account. Here the trader will get a minimum spread of 0.05 and enjoy a huge maximum leverage of 1:400 or 1:500 for professional accounts. For the retail accounts, the leverage offered is 1:30. This is a huge opportunity of earning huge money by investing little money. The trader will also get a SWAP discount of 25% at every call order and there is also hedging option. To assist you in the process of trading, there will be a dedicated account manager for assistance. If you have any difficulty in trading, you can take the help of this account manager. The team of customer support is available from 10 AM till 8 PM from Monday to Friday. You will also get access to their different webinars on the subject of trading. These webinars will really help you to gain more knowledge about the subject and help you to take matured decisions on your investment so that you can earn more profit all by yourself.

Platinum account–Once you have become an expert trader, you should go for the Platinum account category. In this category of account, the trader will avail a minimum spread of 0.03. If it is a retail account holder, then he will be entitled to a maximum leverage of 1:30 and in case of a professional account holder, the leverage offered is 1:400. The trader will get a SWAP discount of 50% on every call order. A dedicated account manager will help the trader in each step of the process and assist in whatever problem he faces related to trading of assets. The trader will get access to all the webinars and listen to what their experts are saying. It is advised to listen to the experts and take the opinion of the accounts manager before making an investment.