Invest in Good Land Drainage Solutions and Save Money

If you own or manage land as a part of your profession, flooding may be a serious risk to your livelihood. It can also be a problem for property owners in possession of larger gardens or outdoor spaces.

Whether you are concerned about seasonal floods or part of your land is regularly unusable or being eroded due to standing water, the problem is unlikely to go away on its own and could lead to dangerous and expensive consequences.

For these reasons, you should seriously consider installing land drains in the worst-affected areas of your property.

In this article, the drainage specialists at Total Pipeline Systems will explain a little more about how land drains may revolutionise the use of your property.

What Will Happen if I Don’t Install a Land Drain?

Sometimes, seasonal flooding and standing water have very little impact on the comings and goings of those who manage land. On other occasions, however, they can be disastrous. Here are some of the problems you may experience as a result of poor land drainage:

Loss of Valuable Acreage

A small pool of standing water may seem like nothing to begin with, but it is likely to grow and encroach on areas of your land that are in regular use. Other parts may become boggy as a knock-on effect.

Whether you graze livestock on your land, use it as a campsite or monetize it in any way that is affected by the amount of useable space it contains, you may gradually see its usability – and its turnover – reducing.

Threat to Other Areas of Your Property

Bogs, areas of standing water and floodplains can – and do – grow. It may not seem a threat right now, but problem areas may extend and become a threat to structures, walls, drives and roads.

Danger to Life or Wellbeing

If your land contains a public footpath or is regularly accessed by people or animals, a large pool of standing water or a bog can be a serious risk.

Not only is there the possibility of animals or people drowning, but gradual erosion can lead to collapses, mudslides and a variety of other serious issues.

You may also be held liable for any accidents that occur.

Missed Opportunities

By draining wet or boggy areas of land, you may be able to create an entirely new useable space that can then be monetized. Leaving them as they are means they are “dead space”.

As well as avoiding the above risks, having a sophisticated drainage system in place will almost definitely add to the value of your land, if you decide to sell any part of it further down the line.

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