Creative Courses of Photography in Kolkata and Mumbai

Photography Course in Kolkata,Photography Courses in Mumbai

For all things, Photography, Journalism, Media and Videography, Filmmaking, Video Editing, Sound engineering – Best Film, Photography, Media, Journalism and Communication institute, Pixel Institute of Photography we are here with the increasing needs of the creative industry, demand for good quality professionals is on the rise. We at Pixel Institute of Photography and Kolkata create that bridge to connect the industry with the bright young minds. Photography course in Kolkata for the new generation photographers, and is a premiere photography institute in Kolkata.

We have top professionals and big wigs from the industry to teach our students at outer branches. We offer Diploma and certificate courses in Photography, Journalism, Film Making, Visual Communication, Videography, Video Editing, Sound Engineering, Acting, Direction, Cinematography, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. All the courses are being offered as weekday and weekend sessions based on the student request of wanting part time/short term course or long term course.Our upgraded studios and top quality equipments are in par with international standards.Our fees are very nominal in order to encourage all creative minds to join us.

Taking a great photo is fun for some, but for a handful of us, it is a source of absolute joy, self-expression, and content. Photographs speak a thousand words, and coming from a writer, you know that holds a lot of meaning. And the people who write these visual poems and novellas are talented photographers among us. So, if photography is your real passion and where your heart lies, then you why not hone your skills, and your art, at some of the most renowned photography institutes in Kolkata? They put on a variety of excellent courses, giving you the chance to pick up some expert knowledge, as well as a few tips and tricks that will help you make magic with your camera.

They also have month-long courses so that anyone with a busy schedule can learn the basics. They also host various workshops that let you pick up skills fast, or immerse yourself in the art for a few hours intensively. All the various ways you can explore your passion for photography here makes it one of the best photography institutes in Kolkata.

Photography Studio and Institute

The Mumbai-headquartered institute offers a vast variety of photography courses in Mumbai ranging from basic to advance. They also have a curriculum for children, and provide an intense short-term program in fashion and commercial photography. The best part, though, is that you can customize your course structure to suit your schedule. At this institute, you can learn to capture human expressions, as well as work on your product photography, outdoor photography and event photography skills.

Our Focus

Photography is sometimes best learned through focused guidance. At this institute, classes are held in small groups so that mentors can have in-depth interactions with students. Their in-house studio has state-of-the-art facilities where you learn basic or advanced photography. They also offer an intensive course in digital photography, which includes going out on local trails as well. Other offerings include a workshop-based course on product photography