Investigate this great classic of oral sex

Very popular with men, but also with women, fellatio is the queen’s caress. By showing imagination and varying positions, we can reinterpret it at leisure, sublimate it, make it transcendent. Whether classic or sexy, here are the most recognized ways to have a (good) blowjob. The best blow job positions are available there.

The classic, head above: most of the time, this is how it goes, or, at least, it starts. Our dear and tender is lying by our side and, while we are watching a film , you start to lower your pants and slip your tongue and mouth into them. Particularly cushy for the gentleman, this position is a little more sporty for the lady, but as it is she who leads the dance, it remains relatively cool overall. It may not be the sexiest, but it is probably the easiest.

Practice, face to face: for example, you are sitting on the bed and your man is standing in front of you. Her sex is therefore at your level and since you don’t have to (re) hold yourself, your two hands are free. Comfortable for both, this position allows the woman to control penetration and stimulate other parts of her partner’s body or to caress herself. Warning: note that some men (and women) have legs that floggle during orgasm, so if your partner falters, choose another position.

The sexy, head down: hyper exciting, this blowjob consists in letting the man make love to us by mouth. The woman does not have much to do, it is she who is lying and her man who manages the comings and goings, exactly as he would do as a missionary. The advantage for the lady is precisely to be in a very comfortable position, while having the possibility of touching the body of her partner and having the feeling of merging with her sex. It is a position of abandonment, giving, deep intimacy and kind submission. You can go for the Best blow job positions there,

The adventurer, head back: there, we enter the more difficult category, beginner to abstain. It is a position which favors the orgasm of the man, because the stimulations are more intense, and it is also the ideal position to do what the porn calls a “deep throat” . Indeed, here, the neck is in alignment with the head and the mouth which allows a deep penetration of the penis into the throat. If you wish to practice it, it is advisable to do as at the doctor: open your mouth wide, stick your tongue out, and do “ahhhh”. Then, once the superb sex of your beloved introduced into you, swallow slightly to cause the glans of the latter. It is the most daring, but not necessarily the most fun. Not to practice too long in my opinion. Be careful, this can be very unpleasant or even make you want to vomit, so obviously do not force yourself.

The royal, head to tail: you could not skip the famous 69, although it is already a derivative of fellatio head below or above. The difference is that here it is more complicated to stay focused on the pleasure of the other, ours being largely awake too. This is the reason why some women do not run there: they no longer know where to turn. For the others, there is nothing special to report about this position, except that it is absolutely necessary try it.

There, that’s about it. Of course, we could have offered you a blowjob from a performer where you make the bridge, then ask your partner to kneel before you so that you give him a blowjob in total retroversion. But in reality, generally, we do not that.