Is Freight Transportation Good for Your Business?

As the world enters globalisation, peace among countries is much easier to achieve. With this, a business can also prosper and improve the economy.  As a result, numerous countries trade products or services through transportation, whether land, air, or water. It is a sign that two countries have diplomatic relations.

Also, cultural influence plays a role in trading. For instance, pop culture affects the buyer’s consumerist attitude in Singapore. If you observe young people, there is a growing interest in the Korean media industry. In Korean pop culture or K-pop, fans are willing to buy merchandise, like lightsticks, beauty products or notebooks to support their idols. Of course, the products will be from another country, Korea.

Can you imagine if there were no transportation industry in the world? Acquiring products from different countries would be impossible. After all, countries of this modern world need to open up to have better relations with other countries.

Luckily, companies started to use freight transportation such as sea freight or air freight to Singapore to satisfy buyers. Now, if you have an international freight forwarding business with global connections, you might need to know more about freight transportation for better customer service.

What You Need to Know About Freight Transportation

Before starting a business in the trading industry, you should know more about international freight forwarding, sea freight, and air freight in Singapore. They are essential because it relates with world trade, where your business will partake.

So, here are some of the facts you need to know about freight transportation to give some helpful knowledge.

  • World trade still depends on the shipping industry. Do you know that 90% of the world trade is through sea freight? Yes, businesses around the world need the transportation industry to continue business operations.
  • Freight transportation, especially sea freight, is more environmentally friendly.
  • There are millions of shipping containers making their way into the ocean every day! (The pandemic may affect the numbers of shipping containers)
  • Big ships can transport more than 17,000 containers.
  • Ship crews have no communication access to their phone (in the middle of the ocean)
  • The shipping industry has an impact on the economy.
  • Crew safety is also essential before transporting the cargo.

Those are just some of the facts that you need to know about the freight transportation industry. If you want to pursue a business in the said industry, you should also know the advantages and disadvantages of air and sea freight transportation. This way, you’ll have a better grasp of the industry.


Is Freight Transportation Good for Your Business?

If you have a business that needs to transport products overseas, you might be wondering how to have an efficient transportation system. Will ocean or air freight help your business with the delivery service? Are the LCL consolidators in Singapore needed in your business? There are many things to consider before entering the shipping industry. So, you better learn about the advantages and disadvantages.



1)  Cost Effective Options

When comparing air freight rates and ocean freight rates, ocean freight transportation is more affordable. It is an affordable option for business owners who need to transport products overseas. However, sea freight transportation may take a long time before arriving at the destination. So, if you’re not in a hurry, it is better to choose sea freight over air freight.

2)  Environmental Friendly

Again, sea freight is more environmentally friendly than air freight. Planes release more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, it can worsen global warming. See, you can have a successful business while considering the environment. It can also improve the image of your company in the international freight forwarding industry because your clients will know that you also prioritise greener solutions.

3)  It Can Carry Heavy Cargos

Sea freight transportation is applicable for carrying heavy cargo. It is the best option if you want the crew to have a safe journey to their destination. For instance, iron or steel products can be dangerous if you will carry them through air freight. Some products are even heavy and bulky, which means they need ships that can carry heavy cargo. Also, don’t forget to ask if the LCL consolidators in Singapore can accept heavy products.

4)  Observe Safety Measurements

Most importantly, both ocean and air freight observe safety measurements. The crew regularly inspects the cargo to ensure that everything is intact in the transportation process. Some companies also offer special training about safety while onboard the ship or aeroplane.

So, if you’re planning to have a business in the international freight forwarding industry, make sure to provide your employees with the needed seminar about safety measurements.


1)  Possible Damages While Transporting

Although air and sea freight are accessible, it is also possible to have some damages while travelling. If the company has no safety equipment for the cargo, the products may have some scratches or minor abrasions. For this reason, the clients may notice the damage and may affect your customer service.

Also, the temperature is a problem. If the plane or boat lacks a ventilation system, it can affect the product quality. So, before you start an international freight forwarding business, make sure that the transport system is safe for the products.

2)  Products Vary (Weight, Size, Volume)

Indeed, freight transportation is a convenient way to transport goods overseas. However, there may also be some limitations. Remember that not all products or merchandise are eligible to carry in air freight or sea freight. It will depend on the weight, size, volume, dimension, or width. Fortunately, some companies adjust these elements by putting the products in a standardised container.

So, when starting a business in international freight forwarding, find LCL consolidators who can help adjust the product dimensions to qualify for the transport system. In doing so, you can avoid product rejection in the transport system.


World Trade: Connecting Through Freight Transportation

With the transport system, countries share cultures and interests that contribute to diplomatic relationships. It is more than a business, but freight transport makes the world more connected. So, if you want to have a business that transports products overseas, make sure to partner with a qualified freight transportation company in the country.

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