Some Safety Measures You Should Have In Your HDB Flat

It’s no surprise that real estate and other properties’ values have been skyrocketing as the years go by. And as the population of Singapore increases, so does the number of people who need to find places to work and live in. Not every place is secure, which is why people look for security measures such as gate locks or apartment units with better safety measures.  But because of the limited space, there’s not much that can be done about the extremely competitive environment when it comes to real estate. You can’t afford to be picky about the places you want to live in.

How Singapore resolves housing effectively

Thankfully, the Singaporean government is very proactive about addressing the housing situation of both residents and Singapore citizens alike. The Housing and Development Board of Singapore, or HDB, is a branch of the Singaporean government that deals primarily with public housing and those who avail of it.

For many outsiders, when they think of public housing, they might scrunch their nose up in distaste and think of the public housing projects of other countries. Usually, public housing has a reputation of only being inhabited by people in the poorest sectors and these housing units may not always be up to par with other people’s standards of living. This bad reputation may have outsiders hesitant to look into public housing in Singapore.

But in truth, there’s nothing to worry about. A significant chunk of Singapore’s population is highly dependent on HDB housing units for places to live in. They have become an essential lifeline for many people, and do not deserve the reputation that public housing gets in other countries. In fact, some housing units have advanced measures of security and safety, such as fire rated doors and alarm systems, and may even be on par with private properties in terms of amenities, features, and facilities. You can also choose units from a diverse range of prices and are oftentimes much cheaper than their private counterparts.

How to keep safe in your HDB units


Are you a new unit owner of an HDB unit? As HDB units are extremely popular among many classes of Singaporeans and Singapore residents, they’re one of the properties of choice for many. But most HDB units are housed in buildings or complexes like apartments. If you want to avail of housing, you might need to learn how to deal with and live with many kinds of people.

We all want to assume everybody is trustworthy, but the truth can’t be further from that. Each year, dozens of people fall victim to thefts, break-ins, and other unsavoury incidents. When you’re living in apartment complexes and other such places, wouldn’t you want to keep your home secure by installing a variety of safety and security measures to prevent the worst from happening?

What are the kinds of security measures that you can have in your home?


While it may be tempting to purchase all kinds of security systems for your HDB flat, you might not always get to install them. That’s because some alterations to your property may be forbidden or regulated heavily by the HDB. For example, the outside of your apartment is considered a public area, and public areas are strictly monitored by the board.

Here are some common security measures that you need to consider.

Digital locks

It might be tempting to install that new Samsung digital lock on your new door. Homeowners are getting increasingly more tech-savvy with their security and safety features. Digital locks come in all kinds– from the simple passcode lock that you see in office entrances to more high tech biometrics or facial recognition locks.


Want to install CCTV to monitor your home? Well, not so fast. According to Singapore regulations, it is forbidden to install CCTV cameras around the vicinity of your home unless it is preapproved by the necessary authorities. This is because the space outside your doors is public property and you are not allowed to monitor public areas without explicit permission.

Home fire alarms and safety alarms

Finally, to cap off your security measures, your house would not be completely guarded without the alarm systems in place to notify you of any on-goings in your area. Make sure you invest in good security alarms.

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