Is It Worth Buying A New Plumbing Camera?

Most people inspect the home before they purchase it. Those types of Home Inspections can include everything from roof inspection to inspecting the foundation, and of course inspecting the interior of the home, etc. These are all common practices for potential home buyers.

And it makes sense when you consider that purchasing a home without inspecting it can potentially be very costly if you buy a home that’s riddled with problems that will require costly repairs. So most potential home buyers do their due diligence before they actually shell out the cash for a home.

But one aspect of the home inspections if overlooked and can prove to be very costly in the range thousands of dollars is the sewer drain, also referred to as the floor drain. Most people skip this inspection all together and why I don’t understand. Because this could potentially be the most costly of all the repairs if you buy a home that has major drainage issues.

You run the risk of drain backups with the possibility of the basement and the house overflowing with raw sewage. I’ve seen this happen before and trust me it’s a pain to clean up and it’s just bad on all levels. Wading through raw sewage can really be a nightmare.

Not to mention the major financial cost as a result of the damage the flooding can cause can be a real headache and a financial nightmare. You have to consider things like the possibility of interior damage to the home as well as the possibility of the growth of black mold because of the rancid moisture that’s hiding inside your walls.

Some people question whether it’s worth it to buy a plumbing camera? But I personally think it’s a no-brainer when you consider the amount of money you can save in damages by using a plumbing camera to inspect the condition of the sewer drains before purchasing the home. Whether you’re doing it yourself or paying someone to do it a plumbing camera can ultimately end up saving you tens of thousands in repair cost.

When you consider a cheap sewer line repair can cost as much as $5,000 and if it goes all the way into the street the cost can go as high as $25,000 the repair cost can actually make it one of the most costly repairs you could face during homeownership. It is without a doubt an investment that’s well worth it.

The cost of a good plumbing camera can range anywhere from $280 for the basic home unit to over  $6000 for the industrial size plumbing camera. But if you are just a potential homeowner or a plumber you shouldn’t have to spend more than $300-$500 for a decent camera that can be used to record the inside of your drainage system.

When you weigh the cost of the camera against the cost of repairs it’s not a hard decision to make it my opinion. You have to consider the camera it’s something you’ll be able to use over, and over, and over, again and it will eventually pay for itself over time.

As opposed to doing nothing in terms of inspections and just rolling the dice not knowing whether your complacency and unwillingness to act could eventually cost you tens of thousands in repairs when you could have avoided that by just snaking a camera down your sewer line to ensure there were no blockages that could have resulted in a catastrophic financial loss as result of your inaction.

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