Is powder coating good for outdoor furniture?

Powder coating may assist outdoor furniture in public places to endure harsh weather.

Outdoor seating is important and frequently useful in various outdoor settings, including public areas, commercial enterprises, and social infrastructure. In certain places where you’ll frequently find outdoor sitting include bus stops, neighbourhood parks, city centres, schools, shops, train stations, hospitals, and businesses.

Outdoor furniture is composed of a variety of materials depending on the look, location, and amount of foot traffic expected.

Wood, metal, concrete, and plastic are some of the most common materials used. Metal is frequently utilized in at least part of the furniture owing to its strength and endurance.

If you want your outside furniture to endure a long time and keep looking good, be sure to consider the finish you use on metal components. While there are many options in the paint market, paint isn’t the most long-lasting option for metals.

Powder coating is now the most common metallic furniture finish in public and commercial areas. In this post, we’ll learn a little more about what powder coating is and why it’s such an excellent choice for outdoor patio furniture finishing.

Is powder coating suitable for outdoor furniture?

We must first understand what powder coating is before determining whether it’s a suitable finish for outdoor furniture. Powder coatings are made up of pigment, filler materials, and resin. The powder is sprayed onto the metal surfaces using an electrostatic spray gun during most applications. The coating is then cured with heat or UV light.

Powder coating is available in a range of hues. Tomburn provides a variety of powder coatings for various metals and purposes. Powder coating is used to finish several different metals, including galvanized steel, aluminium, and mild steel.

We offer powder coating finishes on a variety of architectural components, including outdoor furniture for public and commercial spaces. Let’s look at why it’s such a great option for outdoor and street furniture.

Here are our top four reasons why powder coating is a good choice for street furniture.

Aesthetically pleasing finish

A wide range of colours and finishes is available for powder coatings. You may choose a colour and style to improve the look of your outside furniture and fit in with its environment.

Powder coatings are smooth, flawless, and capable of providing an even layer on complex forms and angles, according to some.

Keep away from heat, moisture, and the elements.

Powder coating your outdoor furniture will help it to last a long time and maintain its appearance.

Powder coatings can last up to 20 years in certain circumstances, depending on the kind of environment the furniture is kept in and a variety of other criteria. Painted outdoor furniture will frequently require maintenance within five years.

Powder coatings have a long lifespan because of the several benefits that make them such an outstanding finish choice. Powder coatings provide excellent resistance against rust and corrosion, as well as wind, rain, temperature extremes, bumps and scrapes, and general usage and strain.


If you’re purchasing outdoor furniture, longevity is a major concern. While powder coating for street furniture may cost a little more upfront, the protection it will give the items as well as the quality of the finish makes it worthwhile.

Powder-coated furnishings require far less upkeep than other finishes. It also protects the underlying structure, increasing the lifespan of your furniture. During the life of outdoor furniture that has been painted, it may be necessary to paint it several times.


Powder coating, as we previously discovered, is one of the more environmentally friendly options when it comes to metal finishes. There are no solvents, VOCs, hazardous heavy metals, or halogens in powder coatings. Unlike paint, which contains solvents and hazardous heavy metals, there are none in powder coatings.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, any flaking paint that falls off at the end of its lifespan will enter the surrounding environment. Old powder coating is non-toxic.

Why should you powder coat your patio furniture?

To keep furniture looking nice for a long time, it must be constructed to endure. The most durable materials and a hard-wearing finish, such as a powder coating, are used in the construction of outdoor furnishings with the best longevity.

Outdoor furniture is accessible in a range of settings, some of which are less harsh than others. For example, benches set up in an outdoor area within a commercial firm will undergo fewer traffic and greater durability than street furnishings.

Depending on their position, certain outdoor furnishings may be placed in a more sheltered location than others. For example, street furniture installed beneath a covered bus stop or protected by a neighbouring structure will be better protected from the weather than a bench on top of a hill in a town park.

If you want your outside furniture to last, it must be constructed to endure harsh conditions. The following factors contribute to the deterioration of outdoor furniture:

To prevent the structural and aesthetic integrity of outdoor furniture from these external forces, a protective finish must be applied to any metal components. Metal furniture is typically finished in exterior paint or a powder coating. If you want a practical as well as visually attractive finish for outdoor furnishings or street furnishings, powder coating is preferable to painting.

Powder-coating is a better option than liquid paint for covering outdoor furniture. Powder coating has a greater resistance to heat than liquid paint, which means it can be applied in thicker layers and will last longer.

Powder coating is more resistant to UV rays, temperature extremes, and harmful liquids for longer and provides better protection against the elements listed above that are known to degrade outdoor furniture.

Powder coating is the most cost-effective solution for outdoor or street furniture.

Tomburn powder coatings are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor furniture.

Tomburn has been powder coating outdoor furniture for over four decades. BS 12206 compliance means you can trust in our cutting-edge powders to deliver outstanding results.