Keeping Cool in a Two-Story House

Keeping cool if you live in a two-story home is not always easy and the reason for this is that of course, heat rises. This can cause problems, especially in the evening when you are in bed. Due to this issue, you need to make smart choices to enable you to effectively cool both floors of the home and avoid the upstairs becoming disproportionately hot. If you live in a two-story home, then here are some options which you can consider to ensure that you stay nice and cool when the weather warms up.

Section Off

If possible, you should aim to section off the upstairs and downstairs of the property using a door or even something as simple as a curtain. Whilst heat can rise between the floors, much of that warm air which finds its way upstairs comes up through the stairs. If possible, get it sectioned off and prevent warm air from rising to the second floor.

Small AC Systems

Smaller AC systems can be a good idea here, but you are going to have issues with efficiency if you start to install window units in every room in the home. This is not to say that small systems can’t work in some areas of the home and sometimes they can be highly beneficial. For example, installing a window AC unit on the second floor, facing the hallway, can be a great way to regulate the heat on the second floor of the property. If things get especially warm upstairs, then you could also look to position a floor fan below the window unit to better distribute the cooler air.

Ducted Air Conditioning System

A ducted air conditioning system is the best bet for a sizable two-story property. This AC option involves installing a central unit in the roof of a property and then from that unit there will be a number of ducts which take the air from the unit to each room in the property. This is by far the best solution for a property of this size and many systems offer the choice to manually operate the temperature in each room in the home. Whilst this is a pricey option, it will provide you with the ultimate solution to your cooling needs.

Using Doors

If it is a hot day then the best thing to do is to close the doors to all the rooms which aren’t in use, this will allow the cooler air to remain in the rooms which you are using, thus ensuring that you can stay cooler for longer. On the other hand, if you have a central cooling system, then it  makes more sense to do the opposite and to leave all the doors in the home open, so that the cooler air can be circulated around the home from each vent.

Two story properties have their challenges, but it is not impossible to keep them nice and cold during the warmer months. Just make sure to take into account your own individual circumstances before making any decisions and if you do decide to buy a large system, then make sure to find a reliable professional air conditioning installers to do the required work.