Rustic Kitchen Design Tips

A common decorating theme which many people like to implement in the kitchen is a rustic look, a comfortable and cosy design which generally works incredibly well in this space. The rustic look originates from a farmhouse style kitchen and incorporates warm colours and wooden fixtures to give that countryside feel to the space. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and this is the type of theme that you are going for, here are the key elements which you need to consider when designing your rustic kitchen.

Sink and Tap Options

The kitchen sink and taps that you choose are going to play a key role in setting off the theme for the rest of the room. Here you should be looking towards a large ceramic sink which is deep and durable. In terms of taps it is important that you avoid anything which is heavy polished such as chrome, and instead opt for a metal like copper. Brushed copper kitchen mixer taps work especially well here, and so do quirky and curved pipe taps.

Flooring Choices

There are really two main choices for flooring types if you are looking at creating a rustic kitchen and those are wooden flooring and tiled flooring. In terms of wooden flooring the best choice will be a hardwood floor which has no colour other than a basic stain. In terms of tiles, big flooring tiles look great in this space and if you can find terra-cotta or off-grey tiles they will look great in the kitchen.


Generally, you should be looking to implement as many natural colours in the kitchen as possible, with the only changes to that being small usage of whites and creams which can really help to set off the overall rustic theme. Think of what a rudimentary country kitchen would look like, materials like bricks and wood is heavily used and those are the earthy colours which you should be trying to use. Even with the kitchen mixer taps discussed previously, the brushed copper option offers a natural earthlier colour which fits perfectly with the overall colour palette.


Avoid lavish countertops such as marble and polished vinyl and instead aim for stone countertops or hardwood countertops, the latter being the best for this type of kitchen. Your countertop choice is also going to be important because of the amount of space which they fill in the room.

Shelving and Cabinets

Open shelving is a good idea in this style of kitchen and in terms of the cabinets you should be looking for distressed wood with a simple cream or white paint job. The idea of a rustic kitchen is simplicity and that should extend to your cabinets, basic designs which function well and look great.

Additional Touches

Some additional touches which you could look to make in your rustic kitchen could be an exposed pan rack above the cooking area, as well as some floral touches around the walls and on shelves. These kitchens appear functional and they don’t hide away all of the kitchen essentials behind smartly designed cabinets and cupboards.

By focusing on these areas and you’ll be able to create a beautiful farmhouse style kitchen for your home. Enjoy your new rustic kitchen!