Know everything about fungal nail infection

Fungal infection can affect any body part and it is present in your body along with several bacteria. But when the fungus increases, you can get an infection. The toenails or fingernails infection is also known as onychomycosis. Nail fungal infection occurs when fungi’s overgrowth on or under the nail. Fungi thrive in a moist and warm environment and the fungi that cause athlete’s foot, jock itch and ringworm can cause nail infection.

There are several reasons for fungal nail infections and each cause has a treatment. But many people think who has a high risk of fungal infection. People who swim in a public swimming pool, weak immunity system, wear artificial nails, above 65 age, have nail injury, etc. If you don’t know about fungal infection then just read this article. Here you will know everything about fungal nail infection.

Common types of nail fungus

Distal subungual infection

It is the most common type of fungal nail infection that can create in both toenails and fingernails. When your nail gets infected then the outer part of the nail has a jagged appearance with yellow or white streaks across the nails. To treat this type of infection you can use product.

Proximal subungual infection

This type of infection is uncommon but it can affect nails. However, it occurs in people who have a weak immunity system or have a minor injury. After infection, you can see yellow spots at the base of the nail.

White superficial infection

The white superficial infection affects the toenails. In this infection, a particular fungus and bacteria attack the upper layer of nails and make well-defined white spots on the nail. This white spot covers the whole nail that becomes prone to crumbling, rough and soft and also it becomes flaky and pitted.

Candida infection

Candida yeast occur this kind of infection. It affects the people who use public swimming pools or soak their hands in water frequently. In starting of this infection you can see cuticles around the nails that become red, tender, and swollen.

How to treat fungal nail infection

Nail fungus can attack anyone but you don’t need to worry because there are several effective natural remedies available. You can use Vicks veporub, oregano oil, snakeroot extract, tea tree oil, and many home remedies. However, sometimes the home remedies don’t work effectively so that you should prefer fungal prevented products instead of wasting time on home remedies. There are several products available that prevent you from infection. offers many products that you can use. It is safe and prevents your nails from the fungus. Apart from the products you need to consider some important things.

  • Cut your nails means to keep the short, clean, and dry nail and use antifungal powder and sprays.
  • Wear shoes or sandals in public pools and places and also wear socks that usually synthetic and breathe.
  • You should use artificial nails and nail polish less time. you should Wash your hands with soap after touching the infected nails.
  • Avoid sharing your shoes and shocks, and also use rubber gloves to avoid overexposure to water.

This was the article all about nail fungal infection.