Top 5 Most Popular Candies in the World

Candies are the sweatiest and the tastiest invention of humans. Moreover, something that is so delicious, with a worldwide fan base, it becomes hard to tell which one is better. 

We have tried to come up with a list of the top five most popular candies in the world that can help the people with a sweet tooth to find something new. To make it interesting for you we have also added a few facts about the listed candies, such as- Why are Skittles vegan? Which Country makes your favorite candies? Etc. 

So let us get started: 

M&Ms and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

The M&Ms started chocolate manufacturing in the year 1948, its a straightaway hit among the U.S citizen.  The M&M’s candies have a creamy peanut butter taste along with milk chocolate, a flavor that is hard to forget. 

Fun Fact: In the year 2016, the M&M took the first spot for selling most candies. 

Nerds Candy

The box of the Nerd is enough for attracting candy lovers, who can resist the candies packed in the colorful box. Another best part about Nerd Candy, you can play with its flavor and come up with something new. Nerd candy comes in two-compartment with two different flavored candies, which allow you to mix and match the candies with different flavors to come up with something new for yourself. 

Fun Fact:  Nerd Candy manufacturer got inspired from the Hollywood Movie Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

Jawbreakers Candy

Jaw Breaker is the perfect name for a candy that is hard to break. However, it gives to the candy lovers is a long-lasting flavor and layers of sweet that is impossible to forget. 

Fun Fact:  Jaw Breaker introduces gum in the middle. Consider it as a reward for you to reaching the middle of a candy. 

Smarties Candy

Smarties candies are not something to share. No one can blame you for not sharing it, as smarties come in an array of the beautiful bright colors shell, with creamy milk chocolate inside. 

Fun Fact: Smarties are Canadian candy.


Skittles is another candy that comes in the rainbow color. Skittles gains its popularity in the 90s in America but was unknown in Britain, till then. They are the second most popular candy in the U.S, according to the New York Times article. 

Fun Fact: Are Skittles Vegan? Yes, in the year 2010, the skittles move away from the use of gelatin in candies, for which PETA confirm them to be VEGAN Friendly.