Know everything about Punjabi Community


Punjabi community or the Sikhism religion was born in the Punjab area of India and Pakistan. The history of Punjabi community began from about 1500 CE when Guru Nanak Dev, the first guru of Sikhism started to teaching a faith that was little different from both the major religions of that time, Hinduism and Islam. After these, nine gurus preached the message given by Guru Nanak Dev, and gradually these teachings gave birth to one of the most prestigious communities of India, Punjabi Community. 

History of the development of the Punjabi community

Sikhism was well established at the time of Fifth Guru, Guru Arjan and he was the one who compiled the book of Sikh scripture, the Adi Granth. However, he was executed for his faith by the Mughals during 1606. This was the first time in the history of Punjabi community that they felt the need for militarization and after which the sixth guru, Hargobind started to militarise the community. After there was a temporary political peace between the Punjabis and Mughals but again during the time of Aurangzeb, the ninth Guru of Punjabi community, Guru Tegh Bahadur was arrested and executed. This was the second time in the history of the Punjabi community when they had to face a significant clash from the Mughals.

Creation of Punjab as a Sikh state

In 1799, Ranjit Singh took over Lahore and established Punjab as an independent state in 1801 and declared himself as Maharaja. This is the history of the Sikh community from their beginnings to the establishment of a state of their own.

Recent History of Punjabi community

After the death of Ranjit Singh in 1839, the Sikh state became weak and was captured by the British Empire by defeating the Sikh armies. After which the relation between Sikhs and the British became good, and they even formed a big part of their troops and law and order.

Moral relations between Sikhs and British came to an end in 1919 with the Amritsar massacre.

Significant events in the history of the Punjabi community

1919 – Amritsar massacre

Background to Amritsar – the partition of India

A state of their own – The demand for Khalistan

The invasion of the Golden Temple

The assassination of Indira Gandhi

This was the significant events which took place in the History of Punjabi Community, which affected every Punjabi to some extent.


Looking at the history of the Punjabi community, we can say that they not only have survived various invasions be it the Islamic invasion or the English invasion but also were able to protect their beautiful culture. Sikhs even today are considered as one of the best communities in India in terms of serving the nation, serving poor people, helping others, etc. A religion which successfully grew at the time of dominance of Hinduism and Islam has now become one of the largest community of India and since their origin has contributed towards the betterment of our Indian society. So these were facts about the rich cultural, religious and traditional history of the Punjabi community.

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