Know The Procedure To Earn The Sleep Coin

The world’s first sleep wellness ecosystem powered by blockchain, Sleep Future aims to boost everyone’s health and sleep quality.

With the two goals of advancing sleep technology research and development and providing a practical use in the future of Sleep ecosystem, Sleep Future presents the first Sleep to earn mechanism in the world to reward the global community for sleeping and earning $SLEEPEE tokens.

Our Core Qualities

Our key characteristics are given below

  • Three physical sleep program centres are located in Malaysia and Singapore under the brand name SleepTown.
  • In-house and Partner Sleep Clinics, SleepDoctor (Sleep Specialist).
  • Sleep tracking device Sleepee or Monitoring Apps for Android and iOS, The De-fi Element (Rewards and earning boosts from stacks) and Sleep-to-Earn or Blockchain Technology.
  • The SleepStore (Marketplace) offers items and services linked to sleep.
  • Computing, big data, networking, storage, security, and artificial intelligence (AI) for Resource and Development purposes in Sleep Cloud. 
  • Online instruction for the Best Sleep & Healthy Lifestyle is provided by SleepEdu (Wellness Education).

We aim to create the world’s first blockchain-based community-driven, actionable, and personalised sleep wellness ecosystem. It will help people everywhere to get more restful sleep and live healthier happier lives.

How can I purchase SLEEPEE on Bitmart?

How to purchase SLEEPEE on Bitmart:

  • Go to:
  • Press Trade
  • To purchase a spot, click Standard.
  • Go to the search box
  • Lookup SLEEPEE
  • Enter the purchase price in USDT
  • Verify the amount of SLEEPEE
  • When done, click Buy SLEEPEE.

Sleep Coins

Following a restful night’s sleep, users can get $SLEEPEE tokens or coins every day. Depending on their score for sleep quality, users receive $SLEEPEE tokens. We achieve this using sleep monitoring software that is supported by the excellent sleep enhancement and science technologies.

Customers can buy and store $SLEEPEE tokens or coins to increase their sleep exchange and earnings. These are considered with the help of a slot to make a conversion in their nominal $SLEEPEE tokens to normal balance where they might purchase services and goods in our store with $SLEEPEE tokens or coins. 

Users may choose to buy sleep-related services and goods by going to SleepTown and offline lifestyle experience centres. To help each company in the sleep to earn ecosystem succeed in the online market, we intend to collaborate with sleep-related businesses to offer funding support.


Here comes the features of the SLEEPEE NFT:

  • If you activate your NFT on the mobile opportunity, you will be able to earn up to $10 USDT in SLEEPEE for having perfect sleep.
  • NFT offers three levels of permanent rarity-based boosting: Normal, Premium, and Legendary. A permanent one increases to 100% from 10%.
  • The boosting rates can be combined by stacking up to three NFTs.

The sleep tracking system is based on the quality of your sleep, not the number of hours you sleep. Your deep sleep, REM sleep, non-REM sleep, waking time, etc. all affect how well you sleep. Sonor tracking technology is utilised to send and receive subtle signals and also detects your breathing. It is used to check the total sleep quality. No such recordings are made in this system. 

Mechanisms of sleep to earn

Daily rewards based on users’ sleep scores are 100 per cent -XUSOT worth of SLEEPEE tokens. Daily boost incentives are dependent on a user’s membership. 

  • Absolute balance – Earned SSLEEPEE will be kept in storage by the Sepe Apu, and once it has been utilised, it will appear in the wallet section of the app and be usable for P20 or other purposes within the Sleepfuture ecosystem, like pore and lepton.

Users must stake their SSL EFREE tokens and unlock them during the rewards period to meet the KYC specified requirements. Therefore, now you must have got a clear idea about How To Master The Art Of Sleeping