Chinese culture: the reverse side of the coin – the opinion of Elena Likhach and her husband Oleg

Russian-speaking people often classify the Chinese as a super-mega unscrupulous nation. We have seen a lot, but we do not put an end to them in this regard. In our opinion, this is a stereotype that is subject to momentary destruction. In any yard there are guys smoking, spitting on the pavement, throwing cigarette butts not in the trash can.

In every corner of the planet there are enough representatives of the category who do not know how to behave in society. Indeed, guys, men, women behave terribly, do not know elementary concepts of moral values ​​and ethics of relationships with people. Lack of culture is observed in any country, including China. But the uncultured in the country are in the minority.

Chinese businessmen, decent-looking, with solid leather briefcases, do not hesitate to spit in the street. For the Chinese, this behavior is part of their culture. The strange ritual has a certain health value, clearing the throat – they are sure of it. Walking in the park or around the city, you can hear the sounds of spitting, this becomes unpleasant. However, having perceived this moment as a tradition, it is easier to get used to it. Although such behaviors are not welcomed by all Chinese, and they are not observed everywhere. The country is full of smokers who smoke cigarettes in public places. Often you can see other impartial things.

Sometimes you have to deal with mothers who raise their children by the legs to relieve themselves in the middle of the road. Society does not pay attention to such uncivilized behavior for most other nations. The Chinese raise their children without prohibitions. If the baby wants to get rid of excess fluid, parents will be happy to help him with this anywhere in the city. The surrounding people are used to this, they do not treat the terrible-looking phenomenon as strange. I also got used to unusual things during my stay in China.

The inhabitants of the Celestial Empire litter, although the streets look clean. Some Chinese do not bother to bring the garbage to the tank without picking up a piece of paper thrown by. Most people try to keep up appearances, look civilized, adopting European experience in this regard.

The government decided to motivate people not to litter, not to litter the cities and the country by installing slogans and public service announcements. On some, advertising billboards have a positive effect. Overcrowding in the country does not allow to follow every person.

The Celestial Empire managed to get ahead in technological development, to break through, overtaking other countries. The population often does not have time to quickly adapt to a new level of development. People leave the villages, moving to the cities for the sake of high wages. Only they bring their identity to the cities. Often you see a picture when a parent looks like a village, and his child has already become a completely city dweller. The child has straight teeth, a beautiful Hollywood smile, an intelligent face. The generation is changing. It remains to be hoped that the uncleanliness of some people will sink into oblivion.