Learn how to use cobots

Among the leading challenges and impediments to adoption of collaborative robots by manufacturing entities is lack of proper operation know-how. With their simplicity, all that is required is a simple initial training for factory workers and they are graduated to robot operators.

For simple operations, this is enough. However, for more complicated manufacturing processes, robot operators will need advanced training to make them competent cobot handlers.

To solve this problem and to encourage creativity and competence in handling cobots, Universal Robots have started a free online class for existing and aspiring cobot operators. 

Why enroll to the Universal Robots Academy?

Become a certified collaborative robot operator

Universal Robots are the leading manufacturer of collaborative robots. The courses the offer ensure that you are a competent cobot handler. In addition, at the end of the course, one receives a certificate to show that they can comfortably handle and operate a collaborative robot.

A certificate from the manufacturer of the product one intends to use to earn a living is a great accomplishment and a great endorsement of skills.

It is free

To eliminate the common problem of high school fees, Universal Robots is offering the online cobot operator course for free.

A free course lowers the barriers to cobot adoption and allays the fears that the adoption of collaborative robots in the work place will render humans jobless. A free course offered via internet is available to everyone who wants to learn how to operate a robot all over the world.

Provides basic robot programming skills

Regardless of the knowledge one has of computers, technology or robotics, this course provides basic programming skills to ensure that anyone can competently handle a collaborative robot.

Taught by certified trainers

The trainers who take students through this cause are certified and competent robotics teachers. As a result, you are confident that the information and skills you receive can be easily transferred to the job market easily.

Exposes you to different collaborative robots

Universal Robots manufactures a range of collaborative robots. By taking this course, you get to interact with the latest cobots in the market. This ensures that you keep your skills up to date and that you are able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to matters robotics and automation.


In addition to the online course, you can also experience and in-class course in different regions of the world. Both online and offline, you will get to interact with other people enhancing their skills on cobot use.

Through the class, you will learn how other people are using cobots to improve their products and workplaces.

DIY Learning 

By enrolling to this course, you can learn at your own pace. If you are a fast learner you can easily learn how to program a collaborative robot in a few hours and get a certificate.

Benefits of the Universal Robot Academy

Increase cobot uptake in small and medium enterprises

With these courses freely available, small and medium enterprises can easily reduce the learning curve and adopt collaborative robots for ease of production and to improve their products.

Improve the skills of cobot operators

Cobot operators all over the world will gain new and useful skills. Consequently, they will enhance their production processes and improve the quality of the products that they produce. With complete knowledge of cobot operations, cobot operators will enhance the production process and improve the safety of collaborative robot use.

Reduces the cost of training

By enrolling in the freely provided Universal Robots courses, enterprises are able to lower the cost of training and re-skilling their employees. As manufacturing moves to Industry 4.0 where robots will have a larger role in manufacturing entities, learning how to operate a robot freely eliminates the large costs of training for an important aspect in manufacturing.


Universal Robots Academy is the best avenue for anyone to acquire the correct knowledge about the use of collaborative robots.