Skill development NGO – Level of progress

The proportion of the youth population is the most precious asset of any Nation. They are the future pillars of the country and the active labor force. They should be taken care of with high interest. We are aware of the contribution of NGO in skill development and education. They have changed millions of people living through their selfless effort. But the question is, are they sufficient?

Under the category of education, NGO played a massive role. However, in the competitive world, education alone will not fetch the desired results. There came a time when the engineers realize the date. Very soon under the category of skill development, NGO produced a telling effect in providing vocational study to the youth of the country.


However, it is important to understand and accept that the number of youth with a lack of knowledge or any skill is more in number. It is because they are unaware of the skills and the right kind of attitude towards education. It is very important, to channelize the underprivileged youth in the proper direction and learning to build their economic growth. Consequently, this will help in nation-building.

Major problems that youth face

  • Among the Semi-skilled workers, there is an apparent lack in the key skills.
  • There is a huge shortage of qualified workers. Inadequate skills pictures of project management orientation to develop are widely absent.
  • So they tend to go to work hazards casual works like construction sites, rat whole mines, etc.
  • Social humiliation becomes one of the major reasons for the youth to develop an attitude of unwillingness to work.

What should be done?

It is important to bridge the gap between skill development and youth. They have to be taught vocational skill development, NGOs can play a major role in it. There are many NGOs who are providing basic computer course, Basic English, 3D, and 2D animation, retail and Hospitality Services.

The centers of education NGOs provide practically oriented courses based on hands-on learning. They have designed causes which are industry-ready. This has been highly acclaimed by employers. To appreciate this effort, employers intern give the basic entrepreneurship training. There are hundreds of youth, who are given vocational training. This develops their employability skills and there eligible for acquiring a job.

Education NGOs make sure that they establish a constant connection with the student for at least two years. This becomes very essential to counsel them if necessary. They make sure that they align the youth with the preset the objective of working and developing them in the changing and challenging environment.

The practical training approach is given to the students for better placement. Education NGOs concentrate more on soft skin or the so-called life skill during the training. NGOs take them to employment engagement campus interviews where they can find potential employees.

On the whole, they are making the potential youngsters job-ready or industry-ready. They focus on career-oriented courses which can give many opportunities for them.

Finally they concentrate more on digital literacy which has become indispensable in this competitive world. Digital illiterates have no place in the current work environment.

This timely help gets rid of many social-economic problems thereby contributing towards nation-building.