List of upcoming bikes in India

India is one of the bike-loving countries. Subsequently, it has a huge market for two-wheelers. Teenage boys love to fly in the two-wheelers. So Boys scooter is also in high demand. Boys scooter very comfortable for City traveling, regular commuting and even long-distance traveling. The list of upcoming bikes in India will include electric scooters, performance scooters, and regular commuter scooters.

Features of upcoming bikes in India

High power

Most of the boys’ scooter comes with 125cc. This is going to excite the people of India more. Generally, scooters with 125cc are sportier scooters. This basically targets the younger generation.

Sport version

Many sports version scooters had come with a variety of upgrades. Features like off-road tires, large windscreen, and mattecolor options are so fresh in the release.

Adjustable seat height

Most of the upcoming bikes in India have this feature. The adjustable seat height feature was a longed one. Every person who was uncomfortable with his height to ride a scooter was overjoyed with this feature. This adjusting mechanism will help event the short riders to write the scooter with comfort.

Performance and looks

Different models are on the Rise for the Boys scooter. Performance is getting better and better with high speed and low maintenance. Design justifies both the looks the performance which can be measured with maneuverability.

Swap battery

This is a great improvement. When the whole world is, planning for charging infrastructure, upcoming bikes in India have an inbuilt answer. The feature of swappable batteries is stealing the show.


Customers can compromise in anything, but never on the mileage. All are aware of the rocketing prices of conventional fuels. So more the mileage in the scooter, more the demand is.

Loading capacity

Boys scooter will definitely need this. Comparatively more boys are using the two-wheelers for loading and unloading purpose if they have a small business. They always question the durability when a scooter comes with loading capacity. In the list of upcoming bikes in India, loading capacity is included as a special feature.

Speed charging

Mobile charging sockets where there in the previous models of scooters. But it suffered a limitation. It was charging slowly. Customers have the habit of charging their devices while they are on the go.

So they expect the charging to be completed within their trip. Unfortunately, the previous models did not live up to the expectations of the customers.

Lithium-ion pack of the battery has become the order of the day. The days of lead-acid one has gone. This lead acid battery framework has helped the lot in increasing the speed of the charging duration to a great extent.

To sum up, safety features, software upgrades, GPS tracking, alarms and sensors, extra mileage, performance and looks, powerful engine are some of the features song lists of the upcoming bikes in India.Boy’s scooters are given more importance, by specially targeting on their wants. The focus on high safety aspects is appreciated and applied by all two-wheeler lovers.