The Fastest Playing Game – Hockey

With the over growing popularity for several other games hockey is the national game of India. But this game is played in many states all over the world. It is a speedy game which includes 11 players each in a team.

1928 to 1956 was the thriving time for India as when its excellent players bagged six gold medals in Olympic Games. There were many real Indian heroes such as Dhyan Chand, Mohammed Shahid, Udham Singh, Ajit Pal Singh and many more who achieved a great victory in field of hockey.

The centre forward, the goal keeper, right and left back all are essential to the game. The best about this game is that it is simulated by men and women both at state, national and international level.

Also, there are many trophies acquainted with the game like: Dhyan Chand trophy, nehru trophy, scindia gold cup, ragaswamy, lady ratan trophy (for females). There are diverse hockey forms such as ice hockey, sledge hockey, field hockey, roller hockey, street hockey, etc.

The International Hockey Federation is the governing body for Indian hockey. Thereby, here is some amazing Indian hockey news:

# ASHOK KUMAR WON’T BEG FOR BHARAT RATNA: Dhyan Chand’s son Ashok kumar (captain of Indian hockey team) will not beg for Bharat Ratna despite of bringing success to the country. Adding to this, it’s rightly said that awards are not desired, begged rather they are to be conferred by the government who deserve it.

# INDIAN MEN HOCKEY TEAM BEATS NEWZEALAND: Prior to winning of the match, the team had a mindset of the finals, always being tougher with New Zealand. But with their thorough practice they defeated New Zealand with a score of 5-0 and finally won the Olympic Test.

#HOCKEY STAR SKIPPED FATHER’S FUNERAL, DECIDED TO REPRESENT THE COUNTRY IN FIH:Lalremisiami (women hockey team member) skipped her father’s funeral and decided to play for FIH women series finals. Though,Itwas worth paid off by winning finals against Japan. But it was a sad homecoming for Lalremsiami.

# PROUD MOMENT FOR CAPTAIN HARMANPREET TO LEAD INDIA: It was a proud moment for Harmanpreet to lead Indian men hockey team in the absence of Captain Manpreetsingh. Team registered themselves by winning with 6-0 against Malaysia and had a great start to Olympic Test Event.

# MERZBAN PATEL WILL BE HONORED WITH DRONACHARYA AWARD: The coach of Indian Hockey team will be conferred by Dronacharya award in the sports award ceremony. He has supported many future Olympians at a young age and feels proud to be the mentor of several upcoming players.

Sport being played since ages is a never ending sport. Hence, hockey is amongst the wonderful games which have a special place in everyone’s heart. Moreover, the participants presenting the country always give more than their potential to present laurels to the country.

Also, the prosperous time of hockey will surely return back with all warmth, admiration and commitment of youth to this game. The upcoming youth is the future of a nation and will take ahead the legacy of never ending spirit to win.