Love the Water? Maybe You Should Consider Living on a Houseboat

Living in the city may offer amenities and other perks that can make your life more convenient, but the rat race and hustle-and-bustle can be taking a toll on your mental health. Studies show that the sights, sounds, and constant activities of urban living tend to overstimulate the brain and affect your coping mechanisms against stress. As such, you are more at risk of developing mental health issues like generalized anxiety disorder and even schizophrenia.

If you are starting to feel similar psychological effects of living in a dull apartment building and you find yourself continually dreaming of long vacations by the beach, perhaps it is time to consider Houseboat Living. Before you dismiss the idea of this type of lifestyle, know that many people, particularly those are fascinated by water and crave for something different, find this set-up more satisfying than residing on land for the following reasons:

Focus on the Essentials

You may notice it, but living in the city tends to make you focused on accumulating things as you try to find meaning and purpose in life. As a result, your small apartment may be full of material possessions, but your heart feels empty.

Living in a boat will help you live differently. Instead of focusing on acquiring things, you will be forced to live a minimalist lifestyle. You have no choice but to get rid of stuff that you do not need and focus on the essentials, given the limited space.  

While it may take a bit of adjusting at first, you will soon realize why more and more people are hopping aboard the minimalism trend. When you stop the habit of acquiring things, you have more time to focus on experiences that will make your heart full. Why would you need a fancy television or the latest video games, when you can explore the vast ocean or go fishing as soon as you get up in the morning, right? 

Sense of Well-Being and Happiness 

Life in the water is generally more relaxed than living on land.  Instead of waking up to the sound of traffic jams, you get to listen to the soothing voice of Mother Nature. Hearing chirping birds and the crash of the waves can help calm you down a lot better than any leading anti-anxiety drugs.

Numerous studies show that being in the water or living near bodies of water induce a sense of overall well-being and stimulate happiness. Even the mere sight of water can relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and stabilize the heart and breathing rates much more effectively than exercise. No wonder, aquatic therapy, a treatment method carried out in the water, has been found useful in managing various psychological issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and addiction, among others. 

Apart from the stress-relieving and calming effects of water, you can also experience better sleep quality if you live on a boat. Imagine being rocked to sleep by the waves and breathing fresh air as you lay down at night. Keep in mind that getting a good night’s rest is essential to improving your overall health.

Physical Health

Modern living promotes an inactive lifestyle. You can practically accomplish everything without exerting much physical effort. Note that researches have shown how inactivity can be harmful and as deadly as smoking. When you lack exercise, you are more prone to developing cardiovascular issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions.

On the contrary, houseboat living somehow forces you to use your body. You need to exert effort in maintaining your boat. You have to walk or ride a bike numerous times a day to go to work, throw your trash, or buy supplies. Ultimately, you cannot merely lie around and do nothing if you are living on a houseboat.


Investing in a houseboat is more economical than buying a house or an apartment, especially if you are looking at properties in the country’s major cities like San Francisco or New York City. Instead of losing your life savings by buying a tiny space, you can live in a boating community close to the city of your choice at a much lower price.

When you do so, you get to enjoy the pleasure of both worlds – the comfort of urban living and the tranquility of nature. Why pay millions of dollars for a beachfront property just to get a glimpse of the ocean, when you can enjoy the view, and every wonderful thing that Houseboat Living has to offer.  

Given how Houseboat Living benefits you in many ways, it is clear that investing in a floating residence is something worth considering. Whether you prefer lakes and rivers or seawater, know that you can easily find boating communities in many locations across the United States that can satisfy your requirements.