Making the Case for the Two-Sided Hotel Mattress

The mattress world has seen its fair share of changes throughout the decades, but none turned out bigger than the advent of the “no-flip” mattress. These mattresses were specifically designed to take flipping out of the equation, resulting in one that seemingly needed less maintenance than traditional two-sided mattresses. It’s no wonder that ordinary consumers fell in love with the no-flip mattresses.

While the overwhelming majority of mattresses in homes are of the no-flip variety, things are a bit different in the hospitality industry. The two-sided hotel mattress still gets plenty of love from hoteliers thanks to their comfort and durability. The following reveals why these mattresses remain popular in hotels, bed and breakfasts the world over.

Better Wear and Tear

You’d think that no-flip mattresses offer greater durability due to their tougher design and use of high-quality materials, but it’s the two-sided mattress that lasts longer given the proper level of care. As it turns out, it’s the use case that sets these two mattress types apart.

In a typical hotel setting, staff are more likely to flip and rotate two-sided mattresses on a regular basis. This simple act of maintenance and upkeep helps reduce body impressions while minimizing overall wear and tear. Contrast that with the average home environment, where homeowners are simply less likely to flip and rotate their mattresses, if they bother to do it at all.

It’s in this context where the two-sided mattress wins out over its one-sided counterpart. Simply put, it’s easy to get more life from a two-sided mattress as long as it gets the right amount of care and maintenance.

Cosmetic Advantages

The two-sided hotel mattress also offers another benefit – the ability to hide cosmetic flaws and still retain a usable sleeping surface. With a no-flip mattress, once the sleeping side earns any unattractive stains or tears, you’re stuck with those flaws until you purchase a brand-new mattress.

Meanwhile, a ripped cover or a small but incredibly stubborn stain isn’t a big deal for a two-sided mattress. A quick flip can help hide such minor details, giving you an opportunity to get more life out of your hotel mattress.

A two-sided mattress definitely has its advantages as mentioned above. But no matter which type of mattress you purchase for your business, you should always choose one that uses good quality components and offers excellent construction. The better-made the mattress, the longer life you’ll get out of it.


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