Discover the Taste of Traditional and Modern British Drinks in London

Apart from being the hub of big companies, London it is also a tourist destination. It is the biggest city and capital of UK. London always had an account about its culture, food and drinks. One thing is for sure that all London residents are passionate about food and drink. When you’re trying the London Food Tour to explore their cuisine and delicacies, you should also take a look at the drinks which has a history for years.

Beer has always been the traditional drink in London. Ever since large companies captured the market, there has been additional many other modern drinks available –

  • Cider
  • Gin and Tonic
  • Tea
  • Real Ale


In US, apple cider is basically apple juice flavored with cloves and cinnamon. It is a non-alcoholic drink in US. However, in UK, it is fermented apple juice and is alcoholic. Hard ciders are purely alcoholic and real cider contains 90% of real apples without any preservatives or flavor.

Gin and Tonic

Gin was introduced in 1689 and by 1730 all British were fond of gin. However, Gin and Tonic came in market after British troops posted in India were served to protect from Malaria. Tonic was bitter in taste, so therefore gin, sugar and lime and was mixed in it to give a delightful taste. So that is how Gin as well as Tonic was invented and is continued till date.


Tea is common drink among British and the amount consumption is quite high. It is either drunk with sugar and milk, lemon or black tea with honey. Whichever form it is prepared in, the tea leaves are balanced and of best quality.

Real Ale

Beer accompanied UK for more than hundred years. It is now an essential drink for every occasion and also in daily life. However, what we are talking about is the real ale. Real ale is brewed traditionally with old fashioned ingredients, it’s unpasteurized, unfiltered and they are not left in brewery to mature, but take to the pub’s cellar directly.

These are some traditional and modern drinks that have made a prominent place for themselves in restaurants and pubs. While visiting London, try all foods and drinks, to know their culture.