Malaga; A costal Bliss

Málaga is a port city on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, that beautiful place in Spain that is acclaimed for its high-rise hotels and resorts and the glitter of the yellow-sand beaches. Bokkeneing the modern skyline of the citylie the magnificent Citadels, the Alcazaba and ruined Gibralfaro, remnants of history that add an aesthetic dimension to the city. The city’s soaring Renaissance cathedral is nicknamed La Manquita (“one-armed lady”) because one of its towers was curiously left unbuilt.

A city with the sunshine coast

Costa del Sol is known as the sunshine coast, not figuratively but actually sun shines here more than 300 days of the year. This coast is hailed as the frosting over the whole Mediterranean region, a place with the best clime and sight. Owing to the beauty and the weather of this region, it has remained a cherish able tourist spot, inviting people from Americas and Asia. It is a glamorous destination; the area is for people who cherish cosmopolitan life as well as have a penchant for tranquil suburbs.

Get the Eurozone Perks

Being in Spain comes with all the goodness of Mediterranean shores, the warmth the climate that remains best all-round the year all this with the perks of eurozone, the unmatched beauty of costa del sol. Yes, touring whole Europe is the desire of almost every person. You can trot the whole Europe while being on your winter or summer break. Your studies come with the experience of touring a whole continent and the place that is tourism hotspot.

A tourist Hotspot

Marbella is not just a city it also is the most opulent resort area enchanting the southern Spain’s Costa del Sol region, falling in the terrain of much known Andalusia. Marbella is the region that mixes the two jewels of nature, beaches and mountains. The renowned Sierra Blanca Mountains lie parallel with the sandy Mediterranean beaches the whole place is laced with the most beautiful villas, hotels, and golf courses. This beautiful city and the area surrounding it, is the most desirable place in the whole Spain. Having a piece of land here is a cherish able desire among the real estate dealers and people who are looking to invest in property. Spain due to it’s geostrategic location and the climate has been a viable tourist spot for years. The government in order to harness the full potential and capacity of the land launched the Golden Visa Program in the year 2013. In order gain a residency in Spain, an initial investment of €500,000 is required. This investment earns the investor a visa that can be renewed after every two years. It takes the time of 5 years to gain permanent residency and to get citizenship 10 years are required.

Malaga is the place that is the dream resort for the whole world, whether it be the people hailing from the Freezing Scandinavian countries or the people from Americas, the climate and the atmosphere, the vibrance of the city, the warmth and the closeness to nature make this place the best touring and well as investment spot in the world.